Friday, February 19, 2021

Gaskill Family Farm Product Review


From the Gaskill Family Farm, in Milan, MI, I get to try four of their homemade jams.

Gaskill Family Farm, is a small farm, that grows big flavors with their fruits and vegetables. Their fruit produce can be found not only at many farmers markets in the area, but in their home made jams and preserves as well. The jams come in many flavors, that are made in small batch's to ensure not only quality, but freshness. The owners Rick and Valerie Gaskill, also have other products to offer.

I had a fun day cooking and incorporating these jams into my dish's.

It all started with breakfast, and Gaskill Family Farm, cherry jam, dolloped into some creamy oatmeal for added flavor. The cherry jam is made with tart cherries, and the flavor just burst on your palate. The homemade jam is made with real, all natural ingredients, and in each bite you taste the love put into the product. A wonderful jam that is very versatile, for so many food groups. The tartness is so delectable, and mouth watering. The flavor is very unique, sort of tart, but yet also sweet. Right through the jar, you can see the cherry bits, and it makes you so excited to open and start tasting it!

Dinner was just as good, and that started with a nice strawberry salad, with Gaskill Family Farm, strawberry jam incorporated into the dressing, then with small dollop's of the jam onto the salad as well. Again the jam is made with real strawberries, and you can see the bit's of them right through the jar. It's great to know there is no high fructose corn syrup in the jar. Just plain all natural ingredients. This is also a versatile jam, and as a ingredient in salad dressing with fresh strawberries, it was a culinary marriage. Even in the winter, it gave you a summer time feel and taste.

With Gaskill Family Farm, raspberry peach jam, I used it to glaze chicken breast for the main course. A jam with sweet peaches and raspberries that is very versatile and adds a ton of flavor. It coated the chicken breast, beautifully and added some really lip smacking flavor. What's nice with all these jams the fruit does not sit on the bottom, it flows through the entire jar. The flavor is so bright, and tasty, another burst of summer flavor in the winter.

The last flavor from Gaskill Family Farm was their caramel apple jam. The chunks of apple and the flavor of caramel, topped my bread pudding, inside as well. Talk about seeing apple chunks, the jar was filled with them. The jam can be used for so many dish's, from breakfast to dessert. This was a first for me in this flavor of jam, and I hope it won't be the last, it was amazing. Reminds you of apple pie, and dolce leche at the same time. Two amazing flavors in one.

If you love jam, you will love the products from Gaskill Family Farm. Visit them online and grab some today.



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