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Ragin Cajun Fixin's Product Review

Well it looks like tonight's dinner will be inspired by,  Southern Louisiana. And to spice it up and to add a tone of flavor to it, I will be using products I received my Ragin Cajun Fixin's, based in Broussard LA.

RaginCajun Fixin's, is set in the center of South Louisiana-the core of Cajun Nation and fantastic cuisine. Since 1990, their goal from the first day they started was that their company was to deliver quality and authentic Cajun products. For the consumer, they offered ease with preparation, and that is still everyone's primary objectives today. Today, over 50 separate supermarket and food service items are products. In addition, they sell private branded products to a range of other businesses. Their licensed products can currently be located in big supermarket retailers and local grocery stores throughout the U.S.

Going to Louisiana is one state on my bucket list, I just love everything about it! So to get the opportunity to try products from the state, I am over the moon, and thrilled. I will be able to create my own authentic Cajun cuisines, right in my own kitchen.

Now if you are not familiar with this type of cuisine, it is a traditional mixture of Native American, Creole, and French cooking with Spanish, African and Indian influences. And with a mixture like that you can quarantee it's going to have a tone of flavors.

For my first dish I am going to make a shrimp Etouffee, with white rice. This recipe is a classic Louisiana stew, that you make with shrimp and a roux. But in my case I don't need to worry about the roux, because I received that from Ragin Cajun Fixin's. Now don't get this dish confused with shrimp Creole. Shrimp Etouffee is made with a gravy sauce that is thicker, compared to the tomato based sauce for a shrimp Creole. Ragin Cajun Fixin's does this for you, with their own fully cooked Etoufee sauce in a jar. The only thing I had to do was cook the shrimp, and rice, and put it all together. It can't be any easier then that. Not only was Ragin Cajun Fixin's Etouffee easy to use, it saved me hours in the kitchen, making my meal. The Etouffee is just the right consistency, not to thick, and not to thin. There is some spicy taste to it, nothing over powering, and added a ton of flavor to my shrimp Etouffee dish. The Etouffee sauce from Ragin Cajun Fixin's, would be great with seafood, or chicken. Everything you need is right in the jar. All the seasonings, and flavors, to give your dish a real Cajun taste. Just by adding a little water to the jar, I got my Etouffee sauce to the right consistency that I preferred. After that you just add it to your recipe, and your meal is complete. The Ragin Cajun Fixin's Etouffee sauce, comes already fully cooked, so there is little work on your part. My entire shrimp Etouffee dish, took approximately twenty minutes in all, including making the white rice. Everyone tonight enjoyed dinner. It definitely took us to the South. Ragin Cajun Fixin's Etouffee sauce, would also be great in a egg dish, or maybe as a burger topping, or even with a chicken dish. It's a very versatile sauce.

  Now my shrimp Etoufee was the starter course to our dinner tonight, because I had another product to taste from Ragin Cajun Fixin's. And this was their spicy sweet Jalapeno relish

Thinking out the box, I made a stewed tomatoes and topped it with Ragin Cajun Fixin's spicy sweet Jalapeno relish. The combo of both ingredients made a fabulous flavored stewed tomato dish. It was spicy sweet and the combo melded perfectly. As for the taste of the Jalapeno relish, if Jalapenos is your pepper of choice, you will definitely fall in love with this product. One taste of this Jalapeno spicy sweet relish from Ragin Cajun Fixin's, and you will see why this is one of their best sellers. The Jalapeno spicy sweet relish has the perfect bite, not to hot and not to sweet. The texture is also just the right blended size. You see the tiny bits of the Jalapenos all through the relish. There is a touch of sour taste to the Jalapeno relish, but overall, I think it's more spicy and sweet. It was a great surprise to everyone, when I put a dollop into the stewed tomato dish, but it complimented it perfectly, and was a great flavor booster. The Ragin Cajun spicy sweet Jalapeno relish, can also be used as is for a condiment, or mix it into your favorite dip, better yet include it in any recipe you wish to spice up!

Well my family really enjoyed tonight's Cajun meal, thanks to Ragin Cajun Fixin's.

If you are looking for great Southern Louisiana products, visit Ragin Cajun Fixin's website for more of their great products.

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

Tasty PAPRIKA dry Rub

This is a great dry rub that you can use on meat or chicken. It's a fast and easy way to start adding flavor, and even letting it sit on your meat or chicken as a marinade. Here's all you need to do.

Up first get your ingredients ready.


1 1/2 tablespoons Smoked PAPRIKA
1 teaspoon GARLIC powder
1 teaspoon ONION powder
1/2 teaspoon sea SALT
1/2 teaspoon coarse ground BLACK PEPPER
1/4 teaspoon ground CUMIN
1/4 teaspoon ground MUSTARD
1/2 teaspoon THYME leaves
1/4 teaspoon ground CAYENNE PEPPER

Stir the mixture together and put in a sealed jar in a cool dry spot until used.

To use, easily brush the spices over the meats / chickens to be barbecued or baked. Then seal the meat in plastic wrap and refrigerate, allowing the spices room to permeate the beef, typically multiple hours or overnight for red meat or bone-in poultry, and up to an hour or two for items like shrimp or boneless chicken breast.

Allow the meat to rest up to room temperature before grilling or baking. And that's all you've got to do.

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Unique Pretzel Review

After a delicious meal, it's time to wind down, put a movie on, grab a spot on the couch, and enjoy some snacks. And tonight we get to do that, with a snack, that dates back to the late 1800's. The snack "Pretzels". Pretzels, from the company "UNIQUE", located in Reading, PA.

Talk about a company with History! The Spannuth family started baking pretzels in the late 1800s, moving from Philadelphia to the Reading area. William J. Spannuth, president and chief executive officer, grew up in Laureldale, PA, creating pretzels with his brother. His grandfather had licensed the Distinctive Pretzel name in 1921, and by that time three generations of the Spannuth family had already joined the pretzel company. William remembers that his father, William P. Spannuth, was thinking about the day the "mistake" happened. "In the 1930s, when they were producing hard and soft pretzels in Laureldale, they had a pretzel that ended up getting branded as a Mistake.  It was a split-open pretzel. His father still sold the "Mistakes" to his customers. The Mistake pretzels soon became known as "Splits". The pretzels went from being hand rolled to making them a more modern way. Later in 2011, a new pretzel was produced, called "Shells". Over many years, many changes we're made, the look of the packages, and other changes to the facility. But one thing never changed and that was the taste of "Unique" pretzels. A great accomplishment for this seventh generation family.

And tonight, as the whole family sits and watches a good movie, we will taste this timely treasure of pretzels from "Unique".

From the first bag, was Unique Pretzel "Splits" original. When you bite into the pretzel the first thing you notice is it's not only crispy, but the inside is hollow. The pretzels in the bag are all covered with bubbles, which Unique refers to as flavor bubbles. There are deep grooves through out the pretzels, and if your dipping them, all the dip would be held inside the grooves. All of Unique pretzels are vegan, kosher, and cholesterol free, with no added sugars, colors or flavors, nor malts, trans fat, or preservatives. Each pretzel from Unique is made using just old fashion goodness! The bag of split original pretzels, is the just that. It is the companies original "splits". The reason for the name is because it bakes until the dough splits open to the companies perfection. Each bite of Unique original "splits", packs a powerful crunch. Even the texture of the pretzel looking at it has a rough surface. There is nothing flat about these pretzels what so ever. Now when tasting all Unique pretzels, we did not use dip. I wanted everyone to taste them with no added flavor, just the true flavor of the pretzels.

As far as bag two from Unique, it was a pretzel I have never heard of, let alone eat. It's called Unique "Sprouted Pretzel Shells". The reason behind the name is the pretzel shells are sprouted "splits" that are transformed into a crispy pretzel pillow. These are a pretzel that is made with rich nutrient ingredients, like wheat flour. They make a great source for fiber, and are diabetic safe, and also lactose free. When you bite these flavorful pillow pretzels called sprouted the inside is totally hollow. After a small nip of the top, you could so scoop so much of a dip inside them. I even got the thought of just filling them with cheese using a pastry bag. That would be so cool! The texture is crispy, and very crunchy, and another great feature they are made with whole grains. The salt on the sprouted pretzel shells, is a light coating, so your not thirsty after eating them. They truly are a very tasty and unique pretzel. Also like all the bags, they are a great vegan snack, and also a great kosher snack. Compared to the traditional brand pretzel, Unique pretzels are harder. But in a good way! These pretzel treasures make a wonderful healthily snack for on the go, school lunches, and even camping. They would also make a great pretzel crumbled on top of yogurt or ice cream.

Now I am glad the whole family is together for movie night, and pretzel tasting, because we have many more bags to go. The next bag is Unique unsalted"splits". These we're very delicious, and we're also very crunchy. Unique calls them the naked "splits". And that they are, not a trace of  surface salt anywhere on them. Baked with the same process, baked with the same ingredients, they are as Unique as their name. Now if your thinking they may not taste as good with out  surface salt, you would be mistaken. They have the same delicious flavor as if they did have salt. These are a great snack for those looking for healthy snacks with no surface salt, to munch on. These Unique unsalted "splits", would be great as a topping, or with your favorite dip.

Moving on to Unique sourdough craft beer pretzel rings, large pretzels shaped like the letter "O". The Unique craft beer sourdough pretzels are the first snack made with a craft beer in mind. They are baked with the same process, and quality natural ingredients. But the pretzels are then baked to a craft beer perfection, using a secret family recipe, that they will not share. The taste of this sourdough craft beer pretzel is bold, with the same crunch, but a smoother surface. The craft beer that was added, is a malted barley and hops, and there is a taste of it for sure. The flavor of the Unique sourdough craft beer pretzel is by far very unique in a gourmet way. These would be great sitting on the porch on a nice summer day, with a good cold beer in hand. Even better with a good cheese dip!

We are moving along in a good pace, and are on bag number five. This is Unique "Sprouted Splits" original flavor. They have deep slits, that are great for dipping. The flavor is Unique, and the bite is just as crunchy as the rest. It's great to know that Unique pretzels have so much flavor with such little ingredients. With each bite you take you just marvel at these pretzel treasures, and think how rich in history they are. Sitting here eating them, you drift back to what it was like in the 1800's when someone was eating the same pretzel we are today! The grooves and crevices would definitely scoop up and hold any type of dip, even scooping up some ice cream would be great. If your looking for a healthy snack for the family, these are perfect. A great crunch with just the right amount of surface salt. A great vegan and diabetics dream snack!

Onto bag number six. Now mind you, we are a family of six tasting the pretzels so don't think we are hogging down every bag lol !!!. Bag six is Unique pretzel shells, a perfectly surface salted pretzel that is very light and also hollow inside. The taste of these makes your mouth water for more, I could see these being very addictive. A very delicious pretzel, that again being hollow would be great with a dip, some melted chocolate even with a flavored cream cheese. These may me small pillows of hollow delight, but the flavor packs a powerful pouch. These are great to substitute for all those unhealthy snacks you may have in your cabinet. They won't disappoint for a vegan snack either, they have a wonderful taste that will satisfy your taste buds.

Now bag number seven is really perfect for those watching their health and their waistline. They are Unique multi grain "Splits". The marvel of these "Splits" what can I say. The taste and texture is perfect. You would never know you we're eating multi grain pretzels. There is not one grain in the ingredients of Unique multi grain "Splits", there are seven. Seven heart healthy multi grains in one pretzel. The multi grains Unique pretzel has a savory taste to it, has the same crunch, and in every bite the true artisan flavor your going to fall in love with. The surface salt and the calorie count in these Unique multi grain "Splits", are in perfect balance, that your waistline will thank you for. They can truly be your to go to snack, but so can all of them. Eat them straight from the bag, with or with out a dip. Either way, they are perfection made.

For the next bag, which by the way is the eighth one, is Unique extra dark pretzel "Splits". And dark they are! Each pretzel has a very nice burnt look, a very bold taste, somewhat of a charred flavor but in a good way. Still made with quality and with natural ingredients. Again the surface salt has just the right amount, with the same crunch in every bite. These to as well as the other Unique pretzels can become very addictive. I can see using these Unique extra dark pretzel "Splits" for dipping into some creamy or chunky peanut butter. Maybe even crumbled and used as a ingredient in a baking recipe. I've done it before, and the results we're amazing.

Well believe it or not Unique even makes a flavor with extra salt. So for you salt lovers this is perfect for you. There is a extreme amount of surface salt, that gives the pretzel "Splits" a savory taste. Still made with all natural ingredients, with the same baking process, just with a little more surface salt then the others. I would say its very Unique with a robust flavor, that makes it even more tantalizing then the others. I think if I was going to use a dip with it, it definitely would be a cheese dip, with a cold glass of beer. In every bite, you get the same Unique crunch. Also if your looking for a good dunking pretzel Unique extra salty "Splits" would fit the bill.

I saved sharing the last bag of Unique "Splits" because these are very special for a reason. This bag of Unique original "Splits are what they call Folds of Honor. Unique pretzels has proudly partnered with Folds of Honor, and what does this mean? For every bag you buy of Unique Folds of Honor pretzels, Unique pretzels will donate five cents to Folds of Honor. Throughout 2007, Folds of Honor has been supporting the goal by offering college opportunities to the spouses and children of the fallen and injured military men in the United States. Now Unique Pretzel fans will help this project and yet enjoy the same fine, initial split-open pretzel they've grown to recognize and love. Justin Spannuth, Chief Operating Officer at Unique Pretzel Bakery, Inc.  states, "We truly believe in their efforts to give back to service families who have rendered the greatest sacrifice in the fight for our independence. Such individuals have provided everything, and it is our duty to insure that their family members obtain the preparation and expertise they need to thrive. For more information on Folds of Honor visit This bag is not only Unique, but has everything all the other Unique pretzels have. Crunch, taste, Unique flavors, great healthy ingredients and wonderful Folds of Honor.

If you want to try a bag of these Unique pretzels, with a rich History, please do so.
Visit their website for more wonderful products, and learn more about their beginnings.

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

Celeste's Jalapeno Relish Review

It's going to be a hot and spicy night in my kitchen. And to kick it up, I am using some product's sent over from Celeste's, Hot But Sweet, Jalapeno Relish. For each dish I make, I will use her products and incorporate them in a fun and yummy dish. But first let me share with you the History of Celeste's Jalapeno Relish.

Celeste has loved cooking for decades, and has made delicious gifts for friends and family. Her relish is one of her specialties. She was the receiver of jalapeno pepper bags from a neighbor's garden in 2009. When she grew up in the Midwest Celeste, using all available fresh food ingredients, she learned the importance of innovative kitchen art, and left nothing to waste. So, it was pickle or preserve the whole thing! Celeste enjoyed offering a sample of her fresh jalapeno relish, to relatives and friends. It became an instant hit with requests for more and numerous comments. Celeste decided to bring it onto the market with that encouragement. The following year was spent perfecting the process to fit small batch processing and ensure the fresh original garden flavor and consistency. Celeste began with two versions of the relish, the "Hot but Sweet" original and the "Extra Hot." Both start with a sweet taste and finish with a little kick at the end. Celeste introduced relish to "Garlic Lovers" and her first hot sauce, Pineapple Mango Habanero, in early 2017.

All that History, and I have the privilege to use her products tonight in my own kitchen.

So first up I am going to use Celeste's Hot, but oh so sweet relish, and make some Mexican corn bread. Right thru the jar you can see all the ingredients. The sweet Jalapeno seeds, and all the other chopped up ingredients that makes this a jar filled with tasty flavors. At the same time, in each bite you get heat with sweet, and paired very well in my Mexican cornbread as the only ingredient other then the mix itself. The taste and the texture is perfect. It's not to finely chopped, and just the right size. The Hot but oh so sweet relish even floated a little to the top of my Mexican corn bread and you could see the Jalapeno bits. This relish would also be great in a cheese dip, or just as a condiment.

The next recipe I made was a chili Verde, using Celeste's Extra Hot, Jalapeno Relish. The flavor of this in my chili Verde was bursting with exciting flavors. There is a kick to the extra hot Jalapeno relish from Celeste's, so its best to use it sparingly. The texture is the same, chopped to perfection, so that in every bite you get each ingredient in the jar. The labels on the jars, are so cute, when you see them when your out and about, you will recognize them right away, as Celeste's Jalapeno Relish. If you enjoy extra heat, then this Jalapeno Extra Hot Relish is for you. It complimented my dish and would make a great addition to many recipes. Whether it’s a burger, a hot dog, or your own recipe, you will enjoy the taste and flavor the extra hot Jalapeno relish brings.

Last was the jar of Celeste's garlic lovers Jalapeno relish. The relish really pops with the taste of Jalapenos and garlic. Again the mixture of the relish is chopped to perfection. It's another sweet and heat that goes well with just about anything you may use it for. For me it was tostone sliders. And for the meat mixture in-between the tostone's, the garlic Jalapeno relish, melded perfectly. Even though the Jalapeno relish has garlic, its not overpowered by it. And there is heat to it as well. This jar of Celeste's garlic lovers Jalapeno relish, would make a great addition to any ones cabinet. Use it for a meat ingredient, a dip, or a condiment. Any way you choose, you can't go wrong.

If you would like more information about these unique and tasty Jalapeno Relish's check out Celeste's hot but oh so sweet online.

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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Epoisses, a French cow's milk cheese, is known to be one of the best cheeses in the country. Epoisses is a finely textured, washed-rind cheese with a very pungent scent. It is soaked in brine, dried for four weeks, and then bathed regularly in Marc de Bourgogne, a liqueur that is a by-product of the nearby wine industry in Burgundy.

Epoisses is valued and respected for its good flavor and fragrance. Perhaps most famous for its pungency, the law in France actually prohibits people from bringing Epoisses on board while switching via mass transit. The genuine French cheese has an edible reddish-brown rind that masks a deep creamy inside. Epoisses is packaged and offered in a small wooden box with an elegant yet rustic design.

It is claimed that the Cistercian monks first produced Epoisses in the Burgundy region of France in the 1600's. Recipes have been passed down to farmers in the area who have managed to produce the most pungent cheese for hundreds of years. 

What a fun FYI!

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Crazy Richard's Product Review

Today's, company product review, will be about Crazy Richard's peanut butters, and Crazy Richards peanut butter powder. The company is located in Dublin, Oh. And not only make great products, they want to help your family in promoting healthily choices.

Now let me tell you how the company Crazy Richards came to be. The original Crazy Richard started making natural nut butter in his home kitchen in Philly in the '80s. His peers dubbed him "nuts" because no one at the time consumed healthy food. Richard replied, "I am", crazy. Crazy about the safe, organic ingredients!

A couple years later, another Richard in the neighboring state of Ohio shared the same love for whole food products. He owned the oldest peanut butter business in the nation established in 1898, Krema Peanut Butter. Once Richard's one and two met, they realized they had to combine hands because Krema and Crazy Richard's Peanut Butters were created from only one component "Peanuts". The second Richard from Ohio has held the helm for more than two decades, and both the Krema and Crazy Richard labels have been giants in the natural nut butter industry.

With that being said, I am not making peanut butter and jelly sandwich's, I am cooking out side the box with all the products.

So to get the day started, I made apple pancakes and incorporated Crazy Richard's peanut butter powder. This is the first time I ever heard of a peanut butter powder, let alone eat or cook with it. The 6.5oz jar of Crazy Richards's peanut butter powder, is 100% pure, non go, gluten free, vegan, certified kosher product. And the best part all the ingredients are of the utmost quality. With no added sugars, salt and flavors, you are truly getting a natural peanut butter powder mix. The entire jar is made from pure peanuts, and that’s it. This makes it low in calorie's, low in fat, low in carbs, and high in protein. Great for those leading a healthy lifestyle, and great for those whom want to start. Eating or drinking the Crazy Richard's peanut butter powder, you are getting absolutely fresh roasted peanuts, which are then squeezed to absorb the oil.
A peanut butter powder, with no salt and no sugar and six grams of protein per meal.
Great complement to your drinks, smoothies, biscuits, sweets or all of your favorite foods! Another great feature is, all of Crazy Richard's peanut butter products are safe for babies, and your pets. The peanut butter powder is easy to mix, and was easy to incorporate into my pancake batter. The size of the jar is easy to take on the go, if traveling, or even to take to work or school for lunch. You can just make your smoothie, or food with the peanut butter powder and go! It truly did give the pancakes a peanut butter taste. They even came out very moist, the peanut butter powder did make them dry tasting. This is a great product if you make your own pet treats to. Over all it’s a very healthy, and safe alternative to a jar of peanut butter, and can be used for many drinks and recipes.

Next up was a jar of Crazy Richard's creamy peanut butter. The peanut butter is made with only the best American grown peanuts there are. Giving the peanut butter a burst of fresh flavor. The peanut butter, needs to be stirred before you use it, this will mix it in with the peanut butter oil. The oil gives you peace of mind, on how natural Crazy Richard's peanut butter is. The oil on the top is from the oil in the peanuts, there are no stabilizers or preservatives in Crazy Richard's peanut butters. Crazy Richard's peanut butter is also safe for babies and your furry friends. I know my dog loves peanut butter! I used Crazy Richard's creamy peanut butter by incorporating it into my veggie stir fry. It was out of this world crazy good. The texture after you stir it up, is smooth, silky, and full bodied, with the taste of nothing but pure peanuts. You can use this for peanut butter and jelly, but why not use it in recipes, like smoothies, muffins, cupcakes, the ideas are endless.

For the jar of crunchy peanut butter from Crazy Richard's, I made a topping for my baked fish. All I did was spoon some of the crunchy peanut butter over the fish, near the end of the baking process. And what I got was amazing! Using the Crazy Richard's crunchy peanut butter as the only ingredient for the fish, was a good choice. It gave the skin on the fish shine, you got the crunch of the peanuts, and the oil from the fish and the peanut butter melded perfectly. It was a match made in the OVEN! The crunchy peanut butter is made with the same ingredients, and is safe for babies and pets. When you taste Crazy Richard'scrunchy peanut butter, you taste only the high quality peanuts that we're used. The taste is just so delicious, especially in my recipe. Knowing that the only ingredient in the jar is pure peanuts gives you peace of mind that only a true natural product is going into your loved one's mouth. It's a great product to grab, and get creative with. Use Crazy Richard's peanut butter, crunchy, in other recipes and drinks as well. Make a smoothie, use it on top of ice cream, or pair it with fresh veggies as a dip.

I want to also inform you, that Crazy Richard's is now apart of the team at Wal-Mart, to help fight hunger. Crazy Richard's is now a partner with feeding America as well, they want to be a spark, in the campaign to bring food to families and people who need it the most.  

For more information and to buy products for your home, please visit CrazyRichard's.

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

Arborio Rice

Arborio Rice is also regarded as the popular Italian risotto pasta. Arborio rice is known as 'short-grained rice,' which separates it from long-grained rice, such as the small grains of jasmine or basmati rice. Arborio rice is formed much like a football, with a sleek, polished surface.

Particularly when making risotto, you want to look for short-grain rice varieties, such as Arborio, because their high starch content will allow them to easily absorb the liquid and give risotto its characteristic thickness. Arborio rice does not experience as much milling as regular rice, which also helps preserve its high starch content. Making sure you don't rinse or wash Arborio Rice because it removes it.

Arborio rice is a perfect option for risotto, because it will thicken a ton of liquid without the grains of rice being soggy or pulpy. It's quick to know how to make risotto if you obey two basic rules: swirl the grains regularly and introduce the liquid gradually. While preparing the risotto, first sauté the onion and garlic in the olive oil, then substitute the dried Arborio seeds. 

Gjetost Cheese History

Gjetost cheese, spelled 'YAY-toast' by the Americans or 'Yed-OOST' by the Scandinavians, is also known as Brunost cheese. Gjetost is a brown Norwegian cheese made from goat milk or a mixture of goat and cow's milk. Gjetost Cheese from Norway is produced by slowly heating a whey, cream and milk vat. That is why Gjetost is often referred to as whey milk.

Gjetost Cheese developed about a hundred years ago in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley of Norway. Gjetost has always been a sweet butterscotch with a thick , dark texture. Gjetost is shaped into rindless squares or circles and is better eaten with fresh fruit when cut wafer thin and enjoyed open-faced on Norwegian flatbread.

Gjetost is filled with energy and highly tolerant to temperature variations. Gjetost is a popular food for Norwegian skiers because of these advantages.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Truff hot sauce Review

If you’re a hot sauce lover, like my family is, then your in for a great treat hearing about, the products I am sharing with you today. The company hot sauce is from "Truff".

Truff story began because they wanted to explore ingredients in a hot sauce that had not been explored before. Flavors that had not been mixed with hot sauce before, Truff mixed them. They also made hot sauce with indulgence that had not been made yet. There was not a hot sauce that existed like they wanted, so they created it.

And for my dinner tonight, I get to experience just want Truff was trying to relay.

When the box came and I unwrapped the products, I thought, "oh I got some really nice designer perfume". No it was three bottles of hot sauce, and the one in the white box was elegant to say the least.

 In that elegant white and gold box, was a hot sauce, from Truff. It was their curate blend of white truffle hot sauce. It was so pretty you didn't even want to throw the box away, so I stored it back in after I used it. Now for the white truffle hot sauce, this is Truff's blend of ripe chili peppers, organic agave nectar, a hint of organic coriander, and white truffle all incorporated into their flagship hot sauce. This is a seasonal hot sauce from Truff, and is also limited. The white truffle hot sauce is vegan, gluten free, and has a shu level of 2,500-3,000.

The dish I created and using the Truff white truffle hot sauce, was mac and cheese with crab and shrimp. The white truffle hot sauce, made a already decadent dish, even more decadent. The flavor and the spice, took the dish to a height of pure indulgence. You get a combo of heat and sweet on your palate. The sweet comes from the organic nectar of agave that Truff use's. And you get the kick of heat from the ripe chili peppers. The heat does not burn you like traditional hot sauce's, I would say out of ten it is around 8. I know my kids we're able to eat my mac n cheese with seafood and white truffle hot sauce, with no tears! The hot sauce is a nice consistency, not to thick, not to thin. And it really does have white truffle taste as well. When you do open the bottle of Truff's white truffle hot sauce, you do get the aroma of the white truffle. And adding it as a ingredient to my seafood mac n cheese, gave my dishes a decadent shine. It doesn't have to be a hot sauce that you just pour ontop of your food, it's great incorporated right into a dish. Since the white truffle hot sauce is a limited edition, I put it back into the stunning box it came in, for the next time. I can say that this Truff white truffle hot sauce was great with my dish, but would meld beautifully with so many other dishes. For me, it's not a hot sauce, I would put on top of pizza or say fries, its just to elegant. I my self  will save it and serve for only my best special meals.

Now Truff also sent over their "Hot" sauce. With this I used it as a condiment to top some of the seafood sushi I made. The "Hot" sauce is also vegan, gluten free, and a shu of 2,500-3k. The "Hot", sauce is a blend of ripe chili peppers, organic agave nectar, savory spices, and this time includes black truffle oil. The black truffle oil in this hot sauce comes from Northern Italy. Also there is a hint of cumin in the taste of the "HOT" sauce, which in the end gives you a unique and classy hot sauce flavor. This "HOT" sauce added a sophisticated taste to the sushi, it was like eating at a five star restaurant, only cooked at home, with a great added ingredient from Truff. All the tops of the Truff hot sauces, have a cap that is also truffle inspired. Such elegant bottles! And another great FYI about Truff hot sauces, they we're Oprahs, 2019 favorite products. The taste of the sauce does have a sweetness to it, and a kick as well, that is actually nothing over powering on the palate. You do get the taste of the black truffle, and all the ingredients meld well in the bottle of hot sauce. The "HOT" Truff sauce has the same texture, same rich color, and same distinctive classy look. So far all my dishes have seafood in them, but theses hot sauces from Truff will compliment any dish you use them in. I can see this "HOT", sauce as a ingredient in pulled pork, as a condiment, or even in a egg dish.

The last bottle from Truff, was their "HOTTER" sauce. The bottle had the same stunning design, only this time the ingredients we're a lot hotter as the bottle stated. The ingredients are deep in flavor from a jalapeno chili blend, that any heat lover will appreciate. Made with the same love, vegan friendly, gluten free, and with a heat level of 5,000-7k shu. The "HOTTER" sauce also has black truffle oil, and the organic agave nectar in it. But to make the heat even higher, it includes red habanero powder. You also can taste cumin and coriander. All of the ingredients compliment this sauce perfectly. The "HOTTER", sauce has a much less sweet taste, and much more heat taste, all in a rendition of Truff's Flagship original sauce. I used the "HOTTER", sauce for shrimp that I used to make shrimp fajitas. I used the "HOTTER" sauce as a glaze for my shrimp while grilling them. The "HOTTER", sauce gave the shrimp a beautiful shine, and a amazing taste. As with this recipe, and the others only Truff hot sauces was the flavor creator. It is safe to say that this hot sauce is just what it says on the Truff label "HOTTER", then the others. So for those who love over the top heat, this is the perfect way to go. Its not only great with seafood dishes, but would be great over tacos, and even on a burger as a condiment. However you choose to use it, your dish will have a amazing taste and have amazing flavors.

If you want to experience Truff hot sauces, please visit them online.

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