Sunday, October 11, 2020

BeReal Cookie Dough Review


Tonight I gathered the Grandkids for a sweet treat, and the adults as well. We are going to try some cookie dough that I got to review.

The company is called BeReal, from Yarmouth Port, MA. This is where Mary Galvin creates her delicious cookie dough, that you can eat raw, or bake. The cookies are great for those with gluten allergies, like Mary had. She created cookie dough's with just the right ingredients, which can be eaten or baked, and are much healthier for you. There is no flour, dairy or eggs in her cookie dough's. And they come in some really yummy flavors. BeReal cookie dough is made with Mary's own mixtures, and ingredients. They are not only gluten free, but plant based as well. The chocolate chips are seventy percent cacao chocolate ships. Mary's unique process for making cookie dough's are so unique they even have a patent pending. Each cookie dough even comes with a little wooden spoon for eating!

With that being said, let me tell you about my sweet night, with my sweet hearts.

First up, the grandkids and I made some baked cookies with the cookie dough from BeReal, flavored brownie fudge chip. The cookie dough itself is very nicely rich, and double chocolatey. It really tastes like a good brownie like grandmom would bake. The ingredients are, organic, gluten free, non GMO & fair trade. All products are also free of 11/12 of top allergens, including dairy and soy. Made with raw organic raw cacao powder and 70% organic cacao dark chocolate chips, these treats are full of anti-oxidants. The chocolate flavor really does satisfy your cravings. To bake the cookies is very easy, I only made a few, but by patting them down you bake until your desired crispness. If you like a chewy cookie you can make them on the thick side. The cookies came out so moist, and fudgy. Just a scrumptious cookie before and after baking.

BeReal sent over their flavor cookie dough of Cape Cod Cranberry Chocolate Chunks, and with that I made a few cookie bars. This is how BeReal gives tribute to Cape Cod, with a mix of organic tangy dried cranberries and cacao chocolate chunks. In every bite, you will feel guilt free yummy goodness, and just enjoy these tasty cookie dough's. I made a few thick bars, so that they came out yummy and soft. There is no skimping of dried cranberries or chocolate chunks. This cookie dough would be great to serve with the up coming Christmas Holiday, serve it in a fancy way raw, or bake some fancy recipes up with it. The cranberries have a very mouth watering tartness to them that is just perfect.

The next BeReal flavor was called Good Sugar Cookie, and for that I made ice cream sandwich's with rainbow sprinkles baked into the cookie dough. I made them on the thick side so they were nice and chewy, and with the vanilla ice cream, it was a sweet treat from heaven. If you love sugar cookies, you will love this flavor from BeReal. You will never know it's organic or plant based, the dough taste like Grandmom was baking in the kitchen. Every dough from BeReal is ready to eat raw, or ready to bake. This flavor is nice and sweet, the organic way, the more healthier way. You can use it for your favorite sugar cookie recipes for any occasion or Holiday. It's a very mouth watering flavor you will really enjoy, from the first bite to the last.

I also made a few mini cupcakes and for the added ingredient I used, BeReal Holiday Gingerbread cookie dough. The house smelled like the Holiday season, and was so heavenly. As far as the added ingredient in the mini cupcakes, it was just a divine sweet treat. Everyone is having a blast trying these yummy cookie dough's. The smell alone just puts you in the Holiday spirit. The flavor profile is a nice soft spiced dough, just like a traditional gingerbread cookie would have. Some other ideas for this cookie dough would be to make some Holiday Gingerbread dough bites. But however you eat it or cook with it, you are in for a pleasant treat.

BeReal also sent over another flavor which was oatmeal cranberry cookie dough. Loaded with dried cranberries, that had just the perfect tartness. With this dough, I made some more ice cream sandwich's, with vanilla ice cream. It was perfect, divine, and mouth watering. The thicker the press of the cookie dough, the softer the chew. It taste like your traditional oatmeal cookie loaded with those dried cranberries. And when you sandwich it, with ice cream, it is just the most mouth watering sweet treat. It also forms the perfect cookie. This is the next best flavor next to a oatmeal raisin cookie, you just going to fall in love with it.

The last flavor from BeReal was their signature chocolate chunk, and for that, I put it in tiny glass jars, and served it with a deserving silver spoon. It is just the perfect chocolate chip cookie dough, loaded with cacao chips and so yummy. You will have flash backs of sitting with mom and her letting you lick the spoon after making chocolate chip cookies. Who knew a edible cookie dough could taste so good, and be a healthy version of the traditional chocolate chip cookie dough.

All the cookie dough from BeReal has been kid tested in my kitchen and approved! You will just fall in love with these products. Get some for your kitchen, or even as a gift.

Visit BeReal on their website and order some cookie dough today!









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