Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Sauce Company Review


This is a second review for the Company "The Sauce Company". The product I get to try today is Jalapeno Taco and everything sauce.

The company had two things in mind when they created all of their sauce's. Ingredients and great flavor. They make a sauce that you can really use on everything you eat. The sauces are one hundred percent organic, and one hundred percent ingredients that are great for your body, because they never use corn syrup. These sauces are great to dap on top of your dish, use them to marinade, or incorporate them into a dish as a added ingredient.

The sauce I got to cook with today was Jalapeno Taco and everything sauce "mild". Made from organic jalapeno's with a pinch of sweetness. It's a delicious sauce, and today it was a topping for my chicken buffalo sauce. I dapped the Jalapeno taco and everything sauce "mild", on top and made hearts from it. It was for a appetizer for tonight's dinner, and was a big hit. In fact the bottle got passed around for more sauce on the plate.

The taste profile is mild, but so full or robust flavor, that is really lip smacking. Great on the dip, but you can use these sauces on anything. Use it for your coating on chicken wings, serve on top of a block of cream cheese, just really on anything you eat.

The sauce in homemade, and you can taste that in every bite you take of it on your food.

The sauce company may have taken twenty years to proof there sauce's, but it was well worth the wait.


All the flavor you need is in the bottle of their sauce's. You can even use it as a marinade, and it will provide all the flavoring you need. It's that tasteful.

If you want to grab some of this yummy everything sauce, visit their online store at


Your taste buds will thank you!



















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