Thursday, September 3, 2020

Hot Monkey Nuts Review

Today I got to try some spicy nuts from the company "Hot Monkey Nuts".

The company started from a guy who loved to flavor everything he ate with hot sauce, to the wife who loved nuts, to this flavorful and spicy snack available to every one now!

Now I got to try six bags of Hot Monkey Nuts, located out of Madison, CT. and share my experience with you.

These Hot Monkey Nuts, are a great snack, with no added preservatives, being non gmo, and gluten free. The nuts are made in small batches, which ensures freshness, and great taste. Every bag is a nice dry roasted artisanal peanut, that is SPICY! The spice comes from hand crafted unique blends of not only spices but hot peppers. From mild to Insane is what you can get. If you love spice then these nuts are for you. Great on the go snacks, great with a ice cold drink and a movie.

Hot Monkey Nuts also gives back a percentage of their profits, over to The anxiety, and depression association of America.

So the family has gathered, with ice cold drinks and we are ready to grab a few nuts from the bags, and get our snack on.

The first bag from Hot Monkey Nuts, is nacho momma's nuts, the names just crack you up! A blend of roasted peanuts, cheddar cheese, hickory smoke, chipotle, ancho and habenero. Now mind you this is a medium heat, just to show you the heat level, and look at what chili's are in the spice blend. The Hot Monkey Nuts, have a great kick, and I assume it only gets hotter from here. For being peanuts with spice, they are not overly salty. The seasoning blend is perfectly melded, and through it you can still taste the cheddar cheese. The spice leaves a tingle on your taste buds, but at this point is tolerable.

Still in the medium heat range, is Hot Monkey Nuts, sour screamin onion flavor. These peanuts are covered with sour cream, onion, cheddar cheese, spices, jalapenos and habanero. Trust me it's climbing upwards! Not only low in salt, but also low in fat and sugar, so for those watching their sugar intake, if you like hot spicy snacks, you can enjoy these. The flavor and taste, is that of sour cream chips, then the kick of the hot peppers, that are still at a level that tingles your tongue, and but leaves your buds wanting more.

The last bag from Hot Monkey Nuts that is still in the medium heat level is, Jamaican me sweat. A nice blend of sweet heat. You have the roasted peanuts that are coated with brown sugar, cinnamon, jerk spices and habanero. A true tropical peanut snack going on here. The name of the peanuts are correct, they really are hot spicy nuts. There's a lot of flavors going on here, your sweet from the brown sugar and cinnamon, then your hot pepper spice, and your jerk spice. It a very fun spicy peanut with a very intriguing spice flavor. Make a pitcher of rum drinks, grab these nuts and your in the Caribbean for sure.

Now we are on our way up, to very hot, with Hot Monkey Nuts, curry up! I'm of fire. A blend of roasted peanuts with garam masala, spices and ghost pepper. The heat is on, with this flavor, very spicy, great with cold beer, for cooling your throat. And the best part if you love ghost peppers, this flavor goes through the entire peanut. Just make sure you have a cold drink, on hand, at this heat level you will need it. They are a great crunchy, spicy snack, that’s not Monkey-ing around! But if you can't take the heat, leave the bag in the kitchen for the big boys. . You have the spices of a good Indian cuisine, with other ingredients, then your ghost pepper for the heat. It will fill your mouth with the most savory fire it has ever experienced. The blend of everything is on point, and if you can take it, it’s a very scrumptious snack of peanuts.

Well, after a short break, it was on to the next bag from Hot Monkey Nuts, 3 alarm garlic parm. This level is HOT! Not your ordinary peanuts that’s for sure. Made with roasted peanuts, with garlic and parmesan, spices, jalapenos and habanero. You get a robust flavored peanut, with a hot kick in every bite. Your not going to worry about bad breath, your going to worry more about the delicious burn, dancing on your taste buds. When your craving something yummy, crunchy, and hot, to have with a cold beer, this is a great snack just for that. Even through all the spice, through all the heat, you get a nice fresh roasted peanut taste.

After another break, and I'm sure your all laughing by now, it was on to the Insane level.

Ok, this is Hot Monkey Nuts, black widow's bite. Yup, it was more like the most deadliest black widow spider, just bit your tongue. It has eight hot peppers, in the spice blend people. Five levels of crazy heat levels. You have roasted peanuts, red wine vinegar, black salt, eight hot peppers: cayenne, ancho, chipotle, jalapeno, habanero, ghost pepper, scorpion pepper and Carolina reaper. I just hope we all wake up in the morning. Talk about hot, it really was insane, and that’s just with about six peanuts going into your mouth. Let me break this down! Oh, but you do get a little salty, and vinegar taste first.

Cayenne, is a earthy spice, that is a little mild. Then you have ancho, which is sweet and smoky. Then chipotle, which is also smoky and spice hotter then jalapeno. Then you have jalapeno, which is a hot spicy pepper, then habanero, which is very hot, with a nice floral aroma that does nothing. Your ghost pepper, that is ranked one of the worlds hottest chili peppers, people its four hundred times hotter then Tabasco. Then scorpion pepper, rated the most pungent pepper in the world, even in the Guinness World record book, but then add the Carolina reaper, if your not dead by now, which has been measured at two million on the scoville heat unit.

So when I tell you it's a insane peanut, I am not joking. Is it good, its insanely good. But you have to be nuts, love nuts, love heat, to really enjoy it.

If you are looking for some spicy, nutty, crazy, hot nuts, then you need to grab some Hot Monkey Nuts.

Sometimes you just have to wake your taste buds up!

You can find these great nuts online, on Amazon, or on Faire.

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