Sunday, August 16, 2020

Herbert's wine jelly Review

Not only did I have fun cooking today, the dish's turned out with extraordinary flavors with the help of ingredients incorporated into them.

The products come from, Herbert's, located in Palmyra, VA.

From the desires, and pleasures of making wine jelly in a home kitchen, to craft fairs, to today, Herbert's has been making wine jelly.Herbert's goal is not only to craft high quality products, but to bring support for the everyday cooks, and bring awareness to mental health. Herbert's gave hope to those who had little, jobs to hire, some whom had been incarcerated, and others whom had suicidal tendencies. Any purchase support the lives of many in need.

What a great story!

Now let me tell you about the fantastic tasting dish's I made for my family, using Herbert's products.

To start our evening meal, I prepared a simple but elegant appetizer of a block of cream cheese, topped with Herbert's, mango habanero jelly, and some red pepper flakes and cilantro garnish, served with some wheat crackers. The mango jelly really complimented the cream cheese, and was very elegant in taste. You get the combination of tropical sweetness with a tantalizing heat from the habanero. Herbert's mango habanero jelly, is freshly made with all natural ingredients, that really satisfies the palate.

The next two dish's were for the side of the main dish. First was a nice fresh veggie mix made with the fiesta herb dip as a dressing. The dip mixes are homemade, and can be used as a dip mix or as I did, used as a seasoning for the veggies. They truly taste like a divine gourmet product. The size of the ingredients that make up the Herbert's fiesta dip are a nice blend, not all finely blended, but nice pieces you can see. The ingredients bring forth such a pleasant flavor profile. You can use this versatile fiesta dip for many different types of recipes and on many different types of food. It's, use is very flexible. You get a nice kick from the chili powder, but all the other ingredients blend very well with the chili powered, so it is not over bearing. Not only bringing taste to your dish, but a nice color.

The next side dish was some roasted potato's coated with olive oil, then dressed with the Herbert's bacon dip, and garnished with some parsley. The potato's got a added ingredient from the Herbert's dip mix, the bacon bits, that is in the ingredients. It brought a nice flavor profile to the roasted potato's, that made them very elegant. This Herbert's herb dip mix, like the other is a very versatile mix. You can top a baked potato, season some corn on the cob, and even top a cobb salad. The mix brings a variety of flavors all from one bag.

For the main course I made some lamb chops and the topping glaze was the Herbert's orange pineapple chardonnay jelly. And to that a pinch of some red pepper flakes. This jelly is very classy, and brings scrumptious elegant flavor to your palate. It is made with all natural ingredients, such orange juice, chardonnay, pineapple juice. The chardonnay in the jelly brings you a flavorful fruity taste. It has a subtle sweetness to it that is perfectly in harmony. This would make a elegant jelly to serve on a cheese board, or baked in a brie. Very flavorsome! And a perfect meld for my lamb chops.

After dinner I served the desserts I had made with Herbert's jelly's and cocoa's.

I made a batch of brownies, two flavors to be exact. The first was pumpkin cheesecake. And for a surprise ingredient I used Herbert's, pumpkin hot cocoa. It gave the brownies the most rich, and perfect spice taste. Every thing I needed for flavor came from the pumpkin hot cocoa mix. Now later in the week with the left over, I can make some nice pumpkin hot cocoa in mugs, and watch a nice movie. The entire flavor profile reminds you of fall.

The other batch of brownies, I incorporated the Herbert's dark chocolate raspberry cocoa in, and also topped the brownies with a raspberry topping. Every bite you took, was double the raspberry flavor. These cocoa mix's are not only great to drink, but also great to incorporate into recipes.

Another dessert I made was a blackberry panna cotta, with the Herbert's, blackberry cabernet sauvignon jelly, in a layer all its own. The blackberries and wine combo is very elegant, with no bitter taste what so ever. And the look it gave the panna cotta, was luscious. This jelly tastes wonderful, and also has a amazing aroma when you open the jar. This jelly would be excellent as a topping on a roast pork, or the star of a nice baked pastry.

For a dessert drink, I blended up some milkshakes, using Herbert's toffee chocolate cocoa. Even in a milk shake this toffee chocolate cocoa was extraordinary. You got the sweetness of the toffee, and the elegant look and taste of the chocolate cocoa. You can skip going out for a luscious drink like this, when you can create it at home.

All these products are premium quality, with homemade flavors.

If you would like to try these products please visit Herbert's at their online store.

Thank you for the outstanding products, that come made from very special people!

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