Saturday, July 18, 2020

Bekki Overnight Oats Review

As a busy mom, and Grandma, I don't always have time to cook my self breakfast. So when I got a box today, and saw what was inside, I was so excited. Opening and taking out the products, I was all smiles. Inside was six flavors, two each of Brekki overnight oats.

What Brekki products are, well they are ready to eat overnight oats with ancient grains. In the convenient cups are nutritionally balanced ingredients. They are dairy free, no gmo's, gluten free, soy free. In fact they are a super food plant based product. The bottom of the cup is where the featured flavor is, which is real fruit. All the other ingredients are ancient grains, almonds, oats, almond milk, and organic coconut nectar. Each cup is just pure simple ingredients, that will make your busy life more easy.

To eat, all you do is peel open the lid, stir, and eat! Doesn't get any easier then this.

With six flavors to try, it was time to call every one for breakfast, and let them try one of each flavor. The first flavor up, was the original. After opening the container, and stirring, I added some shredded orange peel and almonds to the top, and off it went to my first taster. All the ingredients are so healthy and it makes you feel good feeding your family these wonderful overnight oats to start their day. This original flavor has all the same wonderful ingredients except no fresh fruit at the bottom. Adding some additional toppings just made the overnight oats pop even more. The texture is creamy, and the taste was like you made it on your own stove top. The flavor reported to me was, that the Bekki overnight oats we're very delicious.

My next taster, had the apples and cinnamon flavor, and for a added pop, on top was a sliced green apple and some walnuts and raisins. When you stir it up, it brings the fresh fruit up from the bottom, and blends into the oats. This was reported to me that it did not taste like breakfast, but more like dessert for breakfast. You got the sweetness from the fresh fruit in each bite, and on top adding the additional ingredients made it more over the top yummy. For any busy mom, dad, even the kids, these Bekki overnight oats are a fast wholesome meal on the go. In fact you can take them with you, for school, or in the office break room. They are fast and ready to eat.

The picky eater of the family was given the flavor of Bekki overnight oats, bananas and maple brown sugar. Well they were not picky today, in fact they left the container empty. On top I added for them some whole walnuts and sliced bananas, after stirring the fresh fruit up from the container. Breakfast doesn't get any easier then this, and its so flavorful. You don't need to add any salt or other seasonings to the container. Everything you need is already in there. These Brekki overnight oats are a great super food to have on hand. Every spoonful you eat tastes so homemade. Its like a spoonable porridge with fresh fruit.

My next taster got a yummy flavor, it was Brekki blueberry, and on top I added some cut up red plum and some fresh blueberries. They are in breakfast heaven right now. This has been so fun sharing these delicious super foods from Brekki. The ingredients are a perfect combination of consistency and flavor. Eating healthy never tasted so good! The fresh fruit you get after you stir, goes through the whole cup, so in every bite you taste it. This has to be the easiest breakfast I have ever served. These Brekki overnight oats are great for everyone, vegan, diabetics, and those watching their calorie intake.

My youngest ate the Brekki overnight oats, flavor vanilla cinnamon and on top I added some pineapple chunks with some shredded coconut. Oh, yea there's nothing left, and everyone is full. The Brekki overnight cups was all they ate for breakfast, and it's all they needed to start their day. If your wondering if they taste good, the answer is yes, and they we're enjoyed by the entire family. There consistency is spot on, not watery at all, it is semi thick and creamy, and has plenty of oats throughout. This is the ideal breakfast solution for anyone on the go, or just plain wants one. You don't have to save it just for breakfast, it would make a great meal replacement as well. And each flavor is so adaptable to adding potential toppings and flavor combo's. You don't need them, but it was fun for us adding them.

I got to have the last container of Brekki, and I got strawberry. And on the top I added some fresh sliced strawberries as well. It was a double fruity flavor. Sweet and very yummy. The taste was rich and decadent, and it really does taste like your eating dessert for breakfast. In fact these would be great replacement, for those watching their waistline, and craving sweets. You get your fiber, and your whole grains, and so much more in each Brekki overnight oats container. They will become a popular already made breakfast in your home. They are all delicious and nutritious, a winner in so many ways.

Also a nice note from Bekki!

If you want to try these great Brekki products go to their website.

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