Sunday, July 26, 2020

Kajkab Cacao Chocolate Review

Today I get the opportunity to tell you about some exquisite chocolate from Kajkab. They aim to master the artistry of chocolate, in it's purest form. Their chocolate is made of organic ingredients, cacao and sugar, nothing else is added. One single origin of their chocolate flavor is not only explosive but very unique. The taste and the flavor of their chocolate is amazing. The products come from the earths environment where the cacao is grown. Then Kajkab brings life to the chocolate from the most wonderful cacao plantations around the world, using fair trade farmers. Tasting the products is like tasting fine wine. It is done slowly, and taking a breath in between each taste. The best way to taste fine cacao chocolate is to hold a piece and let it warm slightly to release its aroma. Like fine wine, you can hold the cacao chocolate up to your nose to enjoy the aroma You will fall in love with the opportunity to taste bean to bar cacao chocolate. There is no other taste like it in the world, and does not even come close to chocolate as we know. That being said, let me tell you about the fine products, I had the great opportunity to try.

Tasting first, and in order, was the, Camino Verde 80%  2018 Harvest. Rancho La Puerta 80th Anniversary Edition. This bean to bar cacao chocolate is a taste so exquisite as they all did. The cacao used to produce the 80th Anniversary Version of Rancho La Puerta comes from Camino VerdeEcuador. Camino Verde is a privately operated fermentation plant situated in Duran, only a few minutes away from Guayaquil. This pure bean to bar chocolate gives you notes of chocolate fudge in each bite. The aroma is soft floral overtones, and has a somewhat honey ending. Anyone would fall in love with these products. This cacao has a very distinguishable, rich chocolate flavor, unique in it's own rights. The first layer in the box is cacao from Peru at 73%. Peru is the 9th largest cacao producer, and the Peruvians earn their livelihood by growing and processing coco. The flavor is very unique, smoky, and woody at the same time. But also has a fruity overtone. The next layer is from Madagascar at 73%. Cacao was introduced to Madagascar early 1800's. And since then the cacao business has bloomed. The taste of this wafer is that of extraordinary flavors, vanilla, and exotic, very nice sweet balance. The last wafer or disk is from Ecuador at 73%. The cacao from Ecuador comes from Trinitario trees and have a superior quality and taste. It is overtones of earthy and floral, and has a winey profile taste. To get the perfect nuance it is best to taste each wafer slowly and savor the flavors, so that you do not confuse your palate. 

Now trying the 73% Chocolate + Organic Coconut Flakes  this was a great experience. Kajkab, coupled one of their famous Ecuadorian single origin beans, Costa Esmeraldas with lightly toasted organic coconut flakes. They have a good foundation of cocoa, toasted almonds, soft fruit and aromatic leaves. Organic coconut flakes add a wonderful tropical twist and a light crunch. If chocolate and coconut are flavors you enjoy, then you will love the different taste, having it with real cacao chocolate, and organic coconut. The wonderful organic coconut flakes top this tiny cacao wafer of chocolate, and just melts in your mouth. Its like tasting a tropical fruit, with the flavor of pure chocolate greatness.

The last container was the 73% Chocolate + Cacao Nibs. Another fantastic Ecuador chocolate wafer topped with roasted cacao nibs. The texture, the look, and the flavor is so beautiful on your palate and your eyes. The crunch is delicate, and the aroma is that of floral, and citrus. The cacao is so stunning you almost feel guilty eating it. To explain what cacao nibs are, they are small pieces of crushed cacao beans, they are slightly bitter, but do have a chocolate flavor. And the way they are prepared for this wafer type cacao chocolate wafer are in perfect harmony. You really enjoy the flavor, and the way that the small wafer melts in your mouth.

Next from Kajkab is their 73% Chocolate + Whole Roasted Cacao Beans. This is their single origin chocolate made with just cacao beans and unrefined sugar. When you recognize whole foods and acquire a palate of deeper and less sweet chocolate, then this is a have to. Their whole roasted beans are completely covered with 73 per cent Ecuadorian chocolate and lightly powdered with their in own house cocoa powder. The cacao beans are a great supplement in raw chocolate smoothies, and your desserts when blended up.

The final product is their cacao tea, costa esmeraldas2017 harvest, from Ecuador. The tea is very easy to make, and what you get is a first experience with a pure cacao product. To ensure full flavor is released, cocoa tea requires hotter water and longer steep time. It is recommended that two teaspoons of loose leaf tea (using an infuser or tea bag) be steeped in a cup of boiling water (210 ° F) for at least 6-8 minutes. Enjoy it with purity or sweetness. It can also be used in mixed drinks if the natural chocolate flavor is intended. Of course, if you want a stronger flavor, you can add more tea. Kajkab cacao tea is a health conscious alternative to the traditional caffeinated beverages. It is 100 % natural, free of preservatives and free of artificial flavors or starches. Not only is it delightful, but it will make you feel better all day, thanks to its unique health-enhancing properties. By drinking the tea, you are eliminating caffeine, gaining powerhouse benefits of antioxidants, curbing your appetite, adding minerals to your body, and helping with your mood. This is my first tea of this sort, and I must say it is a wonderful experience. The balance between the flavors are sweet, tart, and rich. It is unlike any rich hot chocolate you ever tasted, but slightly stronger. A great end to the day delight.

Tasting all these cacao bean to bar chocolates was a wonderful experience.

If you would like to know more about Kajkab please visit them online.

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