Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Lavender Honey A little FYI

Lavender Honey is a premium honey obtained from the Catalan region of Spain, the Alentejo region of Portugal and the mountains of Morocco. Over the years , people have appreciated Lavender Honey for its broad variety of applications, but it is especially excellent drizzled over cheese. A natural substitute to sugar, lavender honey contains primarily of fructose and glucose with minimal quantities of proteins , vitamins and minerals. It still preserves the inherent aromas of the lavender flowers from which it was extracted.

Lavender Honey is made by honey bees. There are three types of bees: a queen bee, a male drone bee and a worker bee. Worker bees extract nectar from flowers and turn nectar to honey to be deposited in honeycombs within the beehive. The worker bees then fan it with their wings to assist with the evaporation of the honey water material. When human honey is removed from the honeycomb and correctly packaged, it will have a long shelf period. In addition, some honey has been reported to have been stored for decades and sometimes even centuries. However, for practical purposes, manufacturers often set a two-year expiration date on their honey jars.

Lavender Honey has a sweet, well balanced aroma. Premium monofloral (or single flower) honey, Lavender Honey has a refined honey fragrance and even a exquisite floral smell of lavender. An excellent sweetener, Lavender Honey is known for its low acidity and absence of bitterness. The colour varies from cream to amber. Lavender Honey may crystallize slightly in your pantry, developing very fine granules. The exquisite monofloral honey is delicious served over mild, salty cheeses such as Feta and Ricotta Salata and pairs well with blue cheeses and triple creams.

Lavender Honey has traditionally been used to cure numerous human diseases, either by absorption or through topical application. Lavender Honey has been used as a home treatment for athlete's foot and arthritis discomfort. Lavender Honey is often used as a first aid treatment for cuttings and burns. Lavender Honey has antimicrobial properties that suppress bacterial growth and help keep wounds healthy and avoid infection. Lavender Honey also serves as an anti-inflammatory drug to help minimize swelling. Lavender Honey has been reported to be a strong cough suppressant and a sore throat.

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