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9º80º Gourmet sauce & marinade in one bottle Review

From Charleston, SC, I received some gourmet bottles of sauce and marinade, that I will use for all three meals today. The company is called 9º80º gourmet sauce and marinade. The companies beginning is very interesting, it started with a chance meeting, that turned into a partnership. So before I begin to tell you what I cooked, with these fantastic products, let me tell you a little history on the company.

It all originated by chance. Smith  lived and worked in Panama when a fellow passenger heard his southern accent at the airport and asked if he was from South Carolina. It happen to turn out that Smith's soon-to-be lifelong friend and potential business associate Alexis Gallardo, had much of the same passions. They were both educated in the South, in love with Charleston, in South Carolina, and also had admiration of Charleston 's world-renowned, history and heritage. Smith, still a committed foodie, always loved a healthy, handcrafted farm to the table food. Alexis' history is in food science development. After their initial meeting and realizing that Latin America has all the freshest ingredients to their disposal, Alexis and Smith, started to dream of "developing their all-natural, gluten-free, balanced range of cooking sauces and marinades that will improve and complement both food and recipes.  Together, they spent time, exploring, making and sampling their all-natural artisanal recipes in Panama.

Ok, I must start by saying, I had a blast coming up with the recipes to incorporate six bottles of 9º80º sauce & marinade. Each bottle can be used either as a gourmet sauce or a gourmet marinade. You don't need to buy either separate, its all in one bottle.

So I started with breakfast, and I used the bottle of 9º80º hot Brava. Taking some thick potato wedges, and melting some Spanish cheese on top, along with a few shots of Brava sauce, breakfast was created. The Brava sauce marinade does have habeneros as a ingredient, and it does turn up the heat, but in a delicious fashion. The flavor is that of true authentic Latin. The blend is perfect as well, it doesn't run all over the place when you pour it on your food. And what's even more interesting every fresh ingredient comes from Panama. The handcrafted Brava sauce is very unique in it's flavors, they are melded very well. You don't need to know how to cook Latin food to use 9º80º Brava sauce and marinade, the bottle brings the flavor to the food for you.

Lunch was a whole new level for a hamburger. Mixing in some of 9º80º sauce and marinade Worcestershire right into the ground beef, but also adding it into my sautéed mushrooms. It brought my burger recipe to new heights, with great flavor. This was a first for me to have a Worcestershire with other ingredients in it, and this one has Panamanian chipotle peppers, to give it a nice kick. The taste it gave the burgers we're clean and fresh, and spicy. This sauce and marinade is very versatile, and can be used as a marinade for meat, or fish, but as a sauce like I used it was perfect. It not only flavored my ground meat, but glazed my sautéed mushrooms.

So far the family was very impressed with the 9º80º products, and the meals I used them in. And dinner was no different, it was a hit!

On the menu first, for our dinner, was a appetizer of coconut shrimp, with a dipping of 9º80º sauce and marinade, pineapple coconut. I also let the coconut flakes soak a little in the 9º80º sauce giving it a hint of red before rolling my shrimp in the flakes. As a dipping sauce it was amazing, and as far as flavor for the coconut flakes it was on point. The flavor that it brought was very tropical, made you think of sitting on a nice Caribbean beach. It has a sweet, with heat tang to it. Very unique combo flavors. In this bottle of 9º80º sauce and marinade you can taste where the Southern flavors, met the Latin Flavors. The heat is mild, nothing that will burn going done, and kid friendly as well. Again like the other two products, it’s a nice blend, not to thick, and not to runny. It paired so beautifully with fried coconut shrimp, you get the taste of the fresh pineapples, and the coconuts, and the mild kick of the habanero's.

To use the bottle 9º80º sauce and marinade, I made a veggie dish of fresh green beans and cherry tomato's and used the Wild Cilantro as a veggie glaze. Taste wise you have Panamanian cilantro as the star taste, and some mild taste of Jalapeno peppers, with the tangy zest of lime at the end. It was a nice glaze for the warm veggie salad, and gave it a nice little kick, that was not overwhelming. The wild cilantro sauce marinade is a little thicker then the others, and that is what made it perfect for what I wanted to do. I didn't need any other seasonings, because the 9º80º sauce and marinade had its own fresh herb taste already. This sauce marinade would make a great substitute for fresh cilantro, when you don't have any on hand.

For my side dish I also made some roasted potato's and glazed them with the 9º80º sauce and marinade, garlic mustard. I didn't oil my potato's before roasting, just coated them with the sauce marinade, and it came out perfectly. What turned out was roasted potato's with a tropical taste. Garnished with some fresh parsley, this could have been a meal by itself. The turmeric in the sauce marinade gave the potatoes a nice golden color. There was a slight kick again to the sauce marinade from habanero's, but nothing that burned all the way down. The blend of ingredients balances out so well, that one does not out do the other.

The star of my dinner was 9º80º Adobo roasted chicken. This sauce marinade was the only thing my chicken was cooked in. Now you may think with all these sauce's having habenero and jalapeno peppers in them our mouths must be on fire. But because of the wonderful blend of other ingredients, they aren't. Adobo is used in many Latin flavored dish's, and this one from 9º80º, has the freshest tasting ingredients of any I have used so far. The immersion of the Chipotle peppers, and the vinegar are so in balance that the heat does not over power your taste buds. And the fresh spices that come from the fields in Panama are like no other. They not only give, this sauce marinade a unique flavor, but all of them. And the Adobo gave my chicken a stunning color, and flavor as well.

No matter what your cooking 9º80º sauces and marinade's will add a interesting flavor to your dish. Latin, Italian, salad or fish, they will match any of them.

If you want me information about 9º80º, visit them not only online but on Amazon. Your family will enjoy what the sauce marinade brings to the table.

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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