Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tasty Buds Candy Review

Ok, this is a first for me, candy that looks like Cannabis buds. When I opened the box, I had to take a double look. The first thing I thought, was what a great gag gift for someone. The company is called Tasty Buds, candy that looks just like Cannabis buds.

When two of Vancouver's best friends, noticed growing developments in the Cannabis and Confectionary Sectors, they set out to develop a brand-new style of munchies that is as enjoyable as they are tasty. Combining high-quality chocolate and organic gourmet ingredients to produce taste blends that are completely original to the planet! Tasty Buds are produced in Vancouver , BC and looks just like weed buds, they don't include THC or CBD, the only addiction is wanting more yummy candy.
Tasty Buds is currently available in over 420 specialty retail outlets throughout Canada and distributed worldwide.

The candy really makes you take a double take, but when I opened the box the aromas told a different story. The whole box smelled like different candy flavors. This is going to be a very fun review!

The first bag was Canadian Maple Crunch, and I don't need to remind you again what it looks like. These tasty buds are made with a combo of white chocolate, cocoa butter, Canadian maple flakes, and golden maple drops. It taste just like delicious maple syrup. The buds are a pretty good size, with a little crunch to them. Don't get this confused, this is not edible Cannabis, this is CANDY! This candy is unique in look and texture. But after you put it into your mouth you taste the amazing flavor. It's maple and chocolate together, very tasty. If you love the taste of Canadian Maple, you will love these snacks.

The next bag of Tasty Buds, was the flavor of cotton candy, and right through the bag the aroma came through. Kind of reminds you of being at a carnival. The design these guys came up with is spot on. It really looks like Cannabis buds. Tasty Buds candy is a great snack, I would keep it with adults, but it is very great tasting. All the products are produced in a real kitchen, by expert cooks, then packaged and shipped worldwide.

The third bag from Tasty Buds was the blueberry yum yum. The Tasty Buds, would make a great party favor, or even a gag gift. As far as flavor the blueberry yum yum, is made with blueberries from B.C, and has a nice fruity taste. Then you have the white chocolate in there as well, with a nice crunch. The crunch comes from rice crisps, that is a ingredient in all the Tasty Buds.

It really does get even better, with Tasty Buds, mint cookies, this is truly a yummy snack. Your taste buds get the flavor profile of mint candies, mixed in with white and dark chocolate. And then there is pieces of Oreo cookies and cream. It really is a refreshing sweet tasting Tasty Bud.

Raspberry Haze was the last bag from Tasty Buds, and you really get a nice tartness to the bite. The flavor is amazingly subtle, and smells so fruity. Within the ingredients is white chocolate, and dark chocolate, along with freeze dried raspberries. When you bite it you do get some sweetness its tart at the end. All the flavors are perfectly blended.

This product was a gamble for Tasty Buds, but it paid off. They are a fantastic whimsical candy, and tasty as well. They are a snack that will not disappoint.

The candy does have the ingredient of hemp hearts, but don't be alarmed, these are technically a nut, with a mild nutty flavor. Totally safe to eat. It is actually a good seed to eat, high in antioxidants, and omega 3, and has six fatty acids, and no CBD.

If you want to know more about these whimsical candies, visit Tasty Buds online.

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