Sunday, July 26, 2020

Bub' n Mutha's Rub Review

Dinner tonight was made with two products from Bub' nMutha's rubs, from the state of Maine. The story as Bub' tells it started with Mutha's love of cooking, and sharing her fantastic meals with family and friends. As Bub' tells it her kitchen skills we're legendary. The rubs come for the love of barbecue with a Maine attitude.

I also love a company that pays it forward, like Bub'n Mutha's, hiring young veterans, and helping them keep the home town of Winter Harbor, their home for their them and their loved ones.

And for every month that someone helps spread the word, and sells 10,000 bottles of products, the company hires one Veteran full time. How great is this!

So with that being said, it was a great honor to cook with these two rubs I got from Bub' n Mutha's.

The first cut of meat I seasoned was a nice big pork shoulder that I will slow roast in the oven with, Bub' n Mutha's DownEastDinnah Dust. I sprinkled my pork shoulder on each side and each end with the rub, and it slow roasted for ten hours. When it was done, I not only had a great looking pork, I had a fantastic piece of meat. The color was nice and rich, and the flavor was fantastic. All the spice rubs that Bub' n Mutha's produce are one hundred percent natural and contain no preservatives. These are quality Maine products, that they can be very proud of. To make this wonderful dust rub, the company use's Raye's mustard, pure maple crystals from Maine, and blueberry powder. Some unique ingredients that pack a punch of amazing flavor. Now you can use this rub for meat or chicken you grill, but both products worked just as great in the oven. The DownEast Dinnah Dust is a fool proof rub, that is going to give you a recipe with a big attitude of flavor. The blend for the DownEast Dinnah Dust, is a nice semi coarse texture.

Also using Bub' n Mutha's rub, Honey n Heat, I cut some skirt steak for sandwich's. Again I sprinkled all the meat with the Honeyn Heat rub, and let it rest for one hour. What it gave me back, was some tender, flavorful steak, and juicy sandwich's. Again the rub is made with the same natural ingredients, that are perfect not only to BBQ with but to cook on the stove or oven as well. The skirt steak only had Bub' n Mutha's Honey n  Heat rub on it. All the flavor came from the bottle. It was sweet with heat at the same time. But the heat was nothing that would send you around the room in tears. The blend was perfectly melded. The heat comes from cayenne, but with all the other ingredients, it is a very pleasant heat. The blend is more grinded then the other rub, and it gives your food a full rich color. The skirt steak was so juicy, and oozed of wonderful flavors.

My house smelled so heavenly cooking with these rubs. And our bellies we very full.

If your looking for great rubs, made with love from the heart, check out Bub' n Mutha's website. There's a ton of great reading and recipe ideas. Also you can find them on Amazon!

And don't forget to check out the 10,000 : 1 Campaign, that creates working opportunities for Veterans in Maine.

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