Monday, July 6, 2020

Pandemic Polly Peppers Review

Tonight for dinner I am going to use two products sent to me from Pandemic Polly Peppers. I will use one as a dipping sauce, and one to coat some chicken thighs for dinner. But first a little history about Pandemic Polly Peppers.

From their Colorado pepper farm, is where they grow their own peppers and make delicious products. Their pepper business started after being laid off from their jobs, and needing to continue to earn a income. Since there was a love to garden, and cooking, a husband and wife team turned their love into products. And this is how Pandemic Polly Peppers came to be. Another company that grew from passion and love.

So to try my first packet, of Pandemic Polly Peppers Sicilian herb oil, with scorpion peppers, I just took some nice Italian bread and made a dipping sauce. The sauce was very easy to make, on the back of the package is the directions. Just adding it to a good olive oil, and using some good bread, and Pandemic Polly Peppers Sicilian herb oil, I was ready for a nice appetizer. Each bag has 16 grams of a Sicilian herb bread dipping seasonings. You can get up to three servings per bag. The neat part is when you order your product you get to choose which hot pepper you want your mix infused with. This one came with Scorpion pepper. There is no msg, no gluten, and it's a vegan dip. The blend was very well blended, you can see the herbs and the Scorpion pepper seeds. Aside from the heat, the blend is very good. The heat level does sneak up on you after you take a bite. But all in all it has a great flavor.

For dinner I used the next packet of Pandemic Polly Peppers buttermilk ranch with Ghost peppers. For this I lightly sprinkled the powder blend over my chicken thighs and roasted them until they we're done. The flavor was fantastic, a little sweet and a lot of heat. Now you could make a buttermilk ranch dressing or dip with the packet but I wanted to try it as a meat coating. And it worked. This packet will make 2 cups of a dip or dressing, but did coat my chicken thighs of six. Again with all the ingredients in the blend, it gave my chicken a great flavor. The heat came after, and boy did it. But all in all it was a great flavor enhancer for my dish.

If you would love to try some of Pandemic Polly Pepper products visit them online or at their Etsy store.

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  1. Thank you so much for trying our products and reviewing them. I love how you used the dip mix on the chicken. That was a great choice.