Sunday, July 5, 2020

Full Spirited Flavours Cake Review

Three sister from Phoenixville, Pa, sent me a delicious dessert to try, and after dinner that’s just what the family will do.

The company is called Full Spirited Flavours, and they make great rum cakes and other liqueur cakes from scratch. The sisters not only have a great passion for food, but also for good food that brings a smile to your face. And from, their love of doing just that, their company was born.

Each cake they create is special and known as "liqueur cakes". They are each handmade and done so in small batches, and then infused with their own special glazes. The strength that the sisters get from each other gives them their drive, their commitment, and keeps their bond strong. So I will be very excited after dinner to share my cake that was sent!

From Full Spirited Flavours, I received their Limoncello Liqueur Cake. and after unwrapping it, not does it look yummy, the aroma is to die for. I am about to slice it up and serve.

My cake was a large round of Limoncello, and it is lightly embellished with white chocolate pieces and then infused with a special limoncello glaze, then topped with a limoncello soaked crumble. The cake is huge and thick, and every slice you make, super moist. The taste is sweet, and the texture is like butter. This is one of the most amazing cakes I have had so far this year. Luckily not everyone was home, so I get to save the rest and hide it, lol. That's how good it is, you just won't want to share!

Being made with Limoncello, it does not over power the cake at all, even though you taste it. And what made it even more special, it went so well with a nice hot cup of coffee, a great after dinner dessert.

This Limoncello cake is truly amazing, I can only imagine how the others taste. The cake would make a great gift, or to have it and serve for a Holiday dessert. But if your like me after you taste it you may not want to share.

If you would love to know more about Full Spirited Flavours visit them online, you will be so glad you did. The cake they sent really doesn't have any words to describe it, but if I had one it would be "Amazing".

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  1. We are so pleased you enjoyed the cake! We are very proud of our cakes and that Limoncello is such a wonderful surprise that most just keep it to themselves! Sharing is good folks so please try us out and remember "if you aren't smiling, you aren't trying - so have some liqueur-infused cake"! Thanks so much for the wonderful review, we greatly appreciate it! Sue, Carole & Kathy
    P.S. Stay tuned, we are writing a book and we guarantee it will be fun reading while you are enjoying your favorite flavor of our cakes: