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Rowdy bar Keto

We all want to put healthy food into our bodies, and today I have the opportunity to try some healthy products from Rowdy Bar Keto. Kelly is the founder of this company, and as an outdoor and triathlete lover, Kelly, has always been aware of what she put her  body. In 2013 as part of a healthy eating project, Kelly was playing with different recipes. Kelly  continued to study modern foods with beneficial health effects, that help with her to live with hypothyroidism. Kelly had a dilemma, so when she explored Yacon root, she sought the answer. This particular ingredient is now the foundation of Rowdy Prebiotic Foods and by eating Rowdy Bars, you can reap all the benefits of Yacon root.

What is yacon root? It is a species of perennial daisy that grows in South America, and is part of the Andean Diet dating back hundreds of years. It is naturally sweet, and is a low glycemic root. It has the look similar to a sweet potato, but is more hydrating.

With five bars to taste I was excited to get going!

What you get in these bars is so healthy, it is
14g Protein
10g Fiber
Yacon Root
No Added Sugars
No Sugar Alcohols

By eating the Rowdy bar Ketos you will be promoting better health for your stomach, your eating a bar low in calories, and also if you have a problem with blood pressure it will help regulate it, and it does not stop there! The first one I tasted was the chocolaty cookie dough. It was very tasty and also eating it for breakfast helped my appetite until lunch. Who doesn't want to eat a delicious and healthy bar of this type,for that matter. In not only this bar, but all of them, you get real ingredients, none of the fake stuff like other bars may have. The nice part also there is not a long list of ingredients to read about. The bar was very tasty with a chocolate flavor and was a very convenient snack.

Lunch time I tried the Rowdy Bar, peanutty dark chocolate. The same ingredients, and was very tasty. For anyone who loves peanuts this is a great substitute. You have not only the peanut taste, but the flavor of dark chocolate. The bar is made with nine clean nutritious ingredients, and makes a great grab and go snack, or meal replacement. Anytime, anywhere, the Rowdy Bar Keto bars are great. The bars are great for those with health problems, and for those looking to eat healthy. The texture of these bars are great as well, easy to chew, and very delicious. You won't even know your eating something made with nine ingredients. You will not believe how filling one of these bars are.

My oldest daughter is the healthiest eater in the house and she was very excited for these bars. So she tried the Rowdy Bar, blueberry almond tart for her breakfast. She said she was full until her lunch time, and that she couldn't wait to eat another one. The texture is a nice chew not to hard, and not gooey at all. These make a great grab and go breakfast when you have to run out the door fast. She said it tasted like eating a nice blueberry cobbler in a bar form, with a nice almond taste as well. Also you get a little hint of tartness from the cherry that is added to the bar. This Rowdy bar itself has only ten ingredients, and those ten ingredients are natural and very flavorful.

Even my teenager loved the bar that she had, and for that she chose, the Rowdy Bar Keto, sunflower butter n berries. She was excited because she loves sunflower seeds. Its great to know that the base for all these bars is the yacon root, egg whites, nuts and seeds. She also ate hers for breakfast, and she said it lasted until her lunch break as well as far as feeling full. Its great to know my kids got a protein packed breakfast, that was loaded with pure nutrition, packed in a single bar. None of these bars we're overly sweet, and that’s great for diabetics out there watching their sugar intake, the salt level as well was not present. The sunflower butter n berries is a very yummy Keto bar, and you can see the sunflower and berries all through the bar. Anyone looking for a meal replacement, or a healthy snack, these Rowdy Bars are fitting the bill. They don't taste like a candy bar, they taste like a healthy meal in bar form.

The last bar I ate between dinner and bedtime, and I must say I did not crave dessert tonight. The last bar was chocolate coconut cashew. Almost reminded you of a almond joy bar. Only its much more healthier! The Rowdy Bar had a great texture to it, just the perfect chew. All the bars make a great snack for on the run, in-between meals, and great for those in the sports field. This bar was made with eight ingredients, all of which again and natural and healthy for you. Like this Rowdy bar, all of them have a nice fresh and clean taste.

Rowdy Bar has been featured not only on many news channels but by other media forms as well. 

If you want to stock these great bars in your cabinet head over to their website and learn more! You can grab yours on Amazon to!

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  1. Thank you so much for this awesome breakdown of each Rowdy Bar! We love our bars and so honored to have your support in spreading the word. Sending you and your family lots of love!