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Serving Memories Product Review

I truly believe and always say food is the foundation for a great time, with family and or friends. Sitting around the table, sharing food everyone loves, and exchanging good conversation. That is what food brings to the table. And I love the box I got today from a company out of Lost Angeles, California.

The companies name says it all, "Serving Memories" A family Affair. Because that’s what its all about. Cooking and passing on your recipes to loved ones, creating a meal someone will remember you made, and creating just that "Memories". So I am so excited to try the rubs, and get cooking, but I must first tell you about "Serving Memories"!!

Serving Memories, started when Lauren, as a young child, and had a passion to create a brand that would bring people together. From a great vision she created a product that would be used in the making of great tasting food. A brand that could be used to help create just that, "Memories". And from her vision she created these wonderful dry rubs, that have spices and herbs from all around the world. Each one is created, in a made to order fashion. And it does not matter your level of cooking skills, the rubs are easy for everyone to use, on absolutely anything you cook. Lauren's, rubs come in five mixes, and that is just what she sent me. So I am ready to go, and create my family's dishes for the day, and create my own "Memories"!!!

When I opened my box from Serving Memories, A family affair, right away my first thought was how the products we're ready to give as a gift. The box was beautifully displayed, with each rub in a little burlap linen bag of its own, with the companies name on it, and also a little menu booklet, about each rub.

After opening each rub, I was ready to try these little treasures incorporated into today's meals.

First up was the gourmet dry rub, cherrywood smoked and sweet onion chicken. Now I always go out the box, and used the rub on a burger.

Since the box came in the morning, I was able to start using the rubs for brunch and dinner. And for my brunch, I made a burger sandwich and used the cherrywood smoked and sweet onion chicken rub as the only ingredient in my burger meat. Then after cooking my burger, I put the sandwich's together. Each burger was dressed with a sweet red onion, lettuce, tomato, and a fried egg on top served with a sesame bun. The star of the sandwich was the burger, because the rub brought all the delicious flavor. The cherrywood smoked and sweet onion rub has for ingredients all natural spices and herbs. They are cherrywood smoked salt, sweet onion, sugar, lime salt, onion granules, garlic granules, allspice, Aleppo pepper, and lampong pepper. Now the two peppers are new to me, so let me share with you what they are.

Aleppo peppers come from the burgundy Chile, which is known as Halaby pepper. When they ripen, the pepper is then semi dried, de-seeded and then coarsely ground. Also the Aleppo pepper is a very common Middle Eastern condiment, which they use to season meat, beans and many other dish's. The Aleppo pepper is similar to your ancho Chile and has a moderate heat. The other pepper new to me is the lampong pepper, which is another ground pepper that is a black peppercorn. It gives a very pungent flavor and is used in many types of dish's. The Lampong pepper is grown in the South tip of Sumatra Indonesia. This just goes to show you how Serving Memories goes well beyond looking for the ingredients to add to their rubs. Now let me tell you with the wonderful ingredients in this rub, I had the most moist flavorful burger I have had in a long time. With all the flavor coming from the gourmet rub. The burger had a slight kick, and sweetness at the same time. You can taste the sweet onion flavor, and the garlic in your bite as well. And for having a mixture of salts, the rub did not make my burger overly salty tasting at all. Now this rub created a mouth water burger, but I intend to try it with other foods, like chicken.

To go along with my brunch burger, I made some freshly cut sweet potato fries and used the Serving Memories, gourmet dry rub, Blackened. Not only did the rub provide the only flavor, but it gave a nice color to my sweet potato fries. The ingredients in this rub include, fleur de sel salt, Spanish paprika, sweet smoked paprika, lampong pepper, onion granules, garlic granules, thyme, marjoram, and hot cayenne. So you are getting a flavor combo of sweet and heat. I don't want you to get confused with this blackened rub, it is not Cajun or Creole, it’s a blend all its own, and that’s exactly how Serving Memories made it. Instead of chili powders, Serving Memories used two types of paprika's and brought a whole new meaning to a blackened rub. The flavor brought a bit of heat, and a whole lot of depth to my sweet potato fries. I can't wait to use it in other dish's like a good steak or fish. The blend of this rub is so perfectly put together, with huge flavors and just the right grind. Not overly hot, not overly sweet, and brings a beautiful color to the food you choose to use it for.

Well after taking a break, it was time to finish up using the rubs, and that was what I will do, for my dinner dish's.

First up was getting my short ribs ready for the grill. And for the flavor ingredient, it all came from the Serving Memories, gourmet dry rub, sweet and Smokey. The ingredients in this rub included another pepper I have never heard of the Malabar pepper, also had brown sugar, sweet smoked paprika, Sonoma salt, Durango smoked sea salt, nutmeg, garlic granules, cinnamon sugar, onion granules, and hot cayenne. As for the Malabar pepper it is another peppercorn variety that comes from a seedling grown in India. Grown in Southwest Malabar it is the most widely consumed pepper in the world, with sweet notes. So my ribs tasted just that, sweet with heat and great coloring on the out side that seeped with delicious flavor down to the bone. The ribs came out so good, and all you heard was every one lip smacking them, and licking their fingers. This truly is a wonderful rub, that is very versatile. The sweetness is not to much, and even with hot cayenne the heat level is perfect. If you use this rub at your next BBQ, you are going to be famous, its absolutely fantastic.

Also for dinner I made some shrimp skewers, and the rub I used was Serving Memories smoked hickory. Talk about flavor, before cooking my kabobs, I sprinkled the rub, all shrimp. But even after my guests we're asking to pass it over to sprinkle even more on. The rub includes ingredients such as Durango hickory, smoked salt, onion granules, cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, garlic granules, lampong pepper, and a Chile blend. So again you get the flavor of sweets and heats. The rub, again like all of them so far, are perfectly in balance and in tune with each other. And you get the hickory taste as well, for sure this is a one of a kind mouthwatering taste. My friends and family just loved the rub, and I must say it paired very well with the shrimp. It would go great with any meat dish, and even maybe sprinkle some on top of a salad. It definitely brings a one of a kind flavor to a dish.

Last for dinner I made some grilled mixed veggies and used the last rub, Serving Memories, gourmet rub, roasted garlic and herb fish. Now I used it on veggies, to go out the box and be different, and it worked. I am sure it would be great on fish, but let me tell you try it on veggies for a unique taste. The ingredients for this rub include, garlic granules, onion granules, roasted garlic, Himalayan salt, lemon twist salt, old bay, lemon peel granules, Spanish rosemary, chervil, parsley, green peppercorn, lemon pepper, and dill pollen. Wow, this is a whole lot of yummyness in one jar. The rub brought not only a great taste to the veggies but color. It gave the veggies a punch of flavor, sweet and heat wise. The fresh ground up herbs really set it apart from any other rub I have used so far. I would love to try adding this to some olive oil and creating a dip for bread. The rub is very versatile and playful to use, and get creative with. If your looking for a sharp taste this rub is perfect.

Now don't just take my word for it, try these rubs out for yourself. Visit Serving Memories online.

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind review! Your support means so much to our business. I am so glad you loved them and were able to create memories and share with your loved ones. Please reach out if you ever need more!