Monday, July 13, 2020

The Hummus Guy "Hummus" Review

I had a really nice surprise come today, it was a case of Hummus from The Hummus Guy, Mohamed Cherif. The company is located in Redondo Beach, CA, and they sent me two of each flavors of their hummus.

The inspiration, for the hummus, came from Mohameds country, North African, because he could not find a good hummus, he liked in the US. So he decided to make his own spin on it with all natural healthy ingredients. Every thing in his hummus are from organic, fresh ingredients, nothing out of a can.

So to kick off tasting The Hummus Guy product, I used the flavor Avocado and fresh cilantro. For this I made breakfast, yes hummus is a very versatile food, not just for dipping. I made myself a breakfast bowl with the hummus, greens, soft boiled eggs, and pine nuts, and slices of fresh avocados. It was amazing. The Hummus Guy, the Hummus is so creamy, and the taste of the Haas Avocado with fresh cilantro melded perfectly as a breakfast hummus. The Hummus Guy will only use organic, fresh ingredients for all his products, down to the oil's used. When you go to spread the hummus its like spreading velvet. Just imagine your favorite guacamole turned into a hummus! The flavor of the avocado and cilantro shine through in every bite. There's no gritty texture to the hummus, just pure silky smooth textures, with spot on flavors.

The Hummus Guy's product was so good, I could not wait until lunch. And for that I made a dip, with the Artichoke and Flat Parsley flavor, then on top added cherry tomato's, black olives, and fresh feta cheese, and a side of cut carrots and celery to dip. The hummus was phenomenal, could not stop dipping the veggies in. Taking the artichokes and adding it to chickpeas was such a great combination, and with the parsley flavor as well, very yummy. This container of The Hummus Guy artichoke and flat parsley taste so fresh, and has a mild little tang to it. It's very creamy, and made a wonderful dip, but I could see also incorporating it into many recipes. The balance of the ingredients, and the depth of flavor we're truly fantastic. This would make a great crowd pleasing dip appetizer for any occasion.

Also to go with lunch I made two Falafel Burgers, in pita bread with The Hummus Guy original flavor. The hummus was a great replacement for Greek yogurt. The creamy hummus spread so easy on my sandwich's, and added the best part of flavor to the sandwich as well. In every bite you taste the fresh ingredients, so pure, and so bright. This hummus is a beautiful thing, and has a creamy richness, that would go great in any recipe or just as a dip. It's a nice blend, your not just tasting chickpeas, because there is so many other fine ingredients in the hummus. You definitely won't let this product go to waste, you will finish it to the last scrapping.

Everyone could not wait to see what I came up with for dinner, and I was excited as well to get creative. So I came up with two appetizer's to start with.

The first was just using The Hummus Guy zesty lemon as a dip, but I added some fresh parsley and used the pita chips The Hummus Guy sent as well, along with some pine nuts on top. You might say we are eating pretty healthy today. There are many ways to make a hummus, but The Hummus Guy, really came up with some delicious combo flavors. This flavor was just like it said, zesty, and a little tangy. But the blend, and the balance of all the ingredients to make this, we're in perfect harmony. The Zesty Lemon hummus was like velvet, just as they all have been. The taste is clean, and extremely fresh, just like you squeezed a lemon into the container before eating it. I loved it. And with the pita chips, it was great. The chips are nice and crunchy, and held the hummus with no problem. They did not get soggy one bit.

The next appy I made was deviled eggs, but with no yolk, I used The Hummus Guy, roasted garlic hummus with chives as the middle, and then topped it with fresh minced chives as a garnish. You did not miss the yolks in the middle at all. Not only did the hummus replace the yolks, it tasted even better. The creamy texture made it very easy to pipe into the center of the boiled eggs. The hummus was overloaded with the freshest of flavors. The roasted garlic really brings out the nutty and sweet flavors of the hummus. You could like all the hummus, serve it as a dip, but why! Great creative, add a little something extra on your own to it. No matter what the hummus, will be the star.

The final hummus from The Hummus Guy, was the flavor of roasted red pepper. And for that, this is what I created for dinner. I took a lightly hot corn tortilla, spread it with the hummus, then topped it with fresh chopped red peppers, some cuke's, fresh parsley, and fresh feta cheese. Oh yea, it was over the top, bursting out both ends, with amazing flavor. There's nothing like a sweet bell pepper roasted on anything, and in this hummus it was amazing. The sweet roasted red peppers with the spices in the hummus brought fireworks to my recipe. The consistency of the hummus is smooth, the flavor over the top. It definitely, as with all the hummus, is supreme. This would be great as a dip with some pretzels, or pita chips, but feel bold, and use it in other dish's. It can replace sour cream, yogurt, or other condiments.

If you would like to know where to get your "The Hummus Guy" products, go to their website, or on Amazon, to learn more.

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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