Thursday, July 23, 2020

Day #2 Southern City Flavors BBQ sauces Review

Well, it's day two and my review for Southern City Flavors continues. This time, it's their, BBQ sauces that I cooked with. And for that, its dinner on the grill.

Slow going on the grill I had a brisket, plain with nothing but salt and pepper. And a slab of ribs. I did it that way, to use the BBQ sauces from Southern CityFlavors, to dress them. I will cut the brisket and the ribs in half, to use four out of six sauces I got.

So that every one did not starve, as they we're saying, I precooked some chicken drumsticks in the oven, then put them on the grill so they cooked faster. And for the BBQ sauce choice, I used the Southern City Flavors, honey mustard. As the chicken cooked, I basted the drumsticks with the honey mustard BBQ sauce. It smelt so delicious, everyone was so excited to eat. All Southern City Flavors, products are made in small batches, to insure freshness and taste. When the drumsticks we're done, and ready to eat, everyone raved how the flavor of the BBQ sauce flavor went right down to the bone. The flavor of this BBQ honey mustard sauce is sweet with a little spice from the mustard. The consistency if perfect, its not watery, and goes just where you want it.
It gave my chicken a beautiful color on the outside, and a nice sweet taste down to the bare bone. The sauce was the only flavoring for the grilled chicken, and all It needed.

Now my ribs when they we're done, I cut the rack in half so that I could use two sauces. The first half of the ribs got the Southern City Flavors, maple chipotle BBQ sauce. You get the sweet and the heat with this flavor. Again the only thing the ribs had on them to cook was salt and pepper, and while they cooked they we're basted with the BBQ sauce. The flavors are amazing, how they go right through the meat, and give the out side such a rich dark color. This is the perfect sauce for all types of meat, whether grilled, broiled, or roasted. Also it would be great as a side condiment. I had to promise to save some so there was some to dip the ribs while they we're eaten. All you hear, is everyone licking their fingers. The consistency was great, not runny at all. And the heat was tolerable, and my youngest was able to try the ribs with this BBQ sauce on them.

The second half of the ribs was also cooked with just salt and pepper, and had the Southern City Flavors, Tennessee Whiskey BBQ sauce. The flavor is sweet and spicy, with a nice taste of honey. The consistency is smooth and full bodied. The whiskey part of the BBQ sauce is Sweet Lucy Bourbon Liquor, and compliments it very well. You don't have to worry about kids eating the ribs with a whiskey flavored BBQ sauce, the only thing they will taste was the same thing the adults did, pure great sauced ribs. There is a back flavor that is smoky which may come from the whisky, but nothing that is overpowering. The Southern City Flavors Tennessee Whiskey BBQ sauce would also be great on chicken or on pulled pork, but a hamburger would also be great. The BBQ sauce is unique and has a very distinctive flavor, that brings you back for more. And the color it gave the ribs was shiny and rich.

I did the same cut with my brisket, cutting it into two slabs, again to use two of the Southern City Flavors BBQ sauce. After cutting it equally in two, I made slices and then divided them into two. The first bowl of sliced brisket was coated with Southern City Flavors Apple Moonshine. The BBQ sauce was finger licking good as well. And the brisket went on nice rolls to make brisket sandwich's. You get a little tartness from the apples, then a sweetness from the honey, and a little tiny kick of the Ole Smoky apple moonshine. It’s a very unique and fantastic tasting BBQ sauce that was a first for my family and I. And it was highly raved about at the table. The flavor profile for the apple moonshine BBQ sauce is in a league of its own. The balance with the apple and moonshine are perfectly melded. It would also be a great sauce for other meats and poultry as well.

The second half left over from the brisket, was also sliced for sandwich's, and the brisket slices covered in Southern City Flavors, Zack BBQ sauce. The flavor of this BBQ sauce is traditional, and has a nice smoky, sweet tang to it. It complimented the brisket slices on point. Not only can you use this veritable BBQ sauce, as such, you can use it for a dipping and glazing sauce. The flavors are so good, better then store brands. You taste the love and perfection in every one of these BBQ sauces.

A grilled dinner is not complete to me if there's no homemade baked beans. That’s what I used the last bottle of Southern BBQ sauce for, and the flavor was, Tennessee Whiskey bacon. Can I hear a amen. This was the best pairing for the BBQ beans, especially with the bacon already there. Your smoky flavor comes from the bacon in the BBQ sauce, with the sweet smooth taste from the Sweet Lucy Bourbon, and the other ingredients, creating a unique and beautiful BBQ sauce. All the flavors for everything I cooked mainly came from the Southern City Flavors BBQ sauces. Truth be told nothing else was needed.

Your family will think you’re a super star when cooking with Southern City Flavors BBQ sauces. They bring so much flavor to your food, with a stunning color.

If you want to know more, and grab some, head over to their website.

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