Sunday, July 19, 2020

Green Gate Olive Grove LLC Review

A few weeks back I had the chance to speak to a lovely lady, her and her husband own Green Gate Olive Grove LLC. I was so excited, when she said she was sending me some of her products. And I am very honored that she did, sending me several products to try.

GreenGate Olive Garden also gets some of their products from other sources, and incorporates them into their own products.

Green Gate Olive Grove had the distinction of becoming the first olive grove in the state of Florida. Created in 1999 as an experimental grove, to figure out what varieties will be better in the Florida panhandle. The lovely villa is a focal point, developed after the villas in Italy. The Green Gate Olive Grove, plays an important part in Florida's heritage. At present, olives are considered to be a more mainstream crop for the state. At the present time, Green Gate Olive Grove offers, welcoming tours, event venues, catering and tasting of their delicious products.

With that being said, I am so excited to share with you what I made for dinner, using these out of this world delicious products.

The beginning of our dinner, started with a nice salad, made with pears, greens, candied walnuts and coated with Green Gate Organic Cranberry Pear dressing. A wonderful start to our meal. There is nothing better on a hot day, then a salad made with fruit and nuts, and then add Green Gate dressing just takes it over the top. The dressing is so fresh and clean. You really taste the love and time that went into making this Organic Cranberry Pear dressing. When you open the jar, the aromas of fruit flavors just flow out. Everyone just wanted to lick their bowls, the dressing is just that good. There is truly a homemade taste to it. Not only is this great on a salad, but I think slicing some fruit, with a drizzle of this dressing would be fantastic as well. A very delightful dressing, with flavor and wonderful texture.

The first side dish I made to go with my main course, was some pickled onions, cooked in nothing but Green Gate Bourbon Infused Dark Balsamic Vinegar. This is one of the products that is sourced by Gibson Distilling. Gibson Distilling is a small distiller in Alabama. To learn more about Gibson Distilling you can visit them at their website Now as far as my onions, the flavor was phenomenal. The Green Gate Bourbon infused vinegar is on the thick side, and the taste is sweet and slightly tart. It also has a fruity flavor, and looks similar to black vinegar. Paired with the pickling of the onions it was over the top yummy. You also get the taste of the fine bourbon that was used, its subtle flavors have notes of vanilla, and a fruity spice tone.

The second side dish I made was a mixed roasted veggie melody. For coating the veggies I used Green Gate olive wood smoked arbequin extra virgin olive oil. Arbequina olive oil, is a delicate fruity tasting oil, with robust flavor as well. The sweetness to it is very soft. It brought a wonderful flavor to my veggies. I also sprinkled the veggie melody with Green Gate Merlot infused seasoning salt. The Merlot comes from Emerald coast wine cellar. Emerald Coast wine cellars is located in Fla. You can find a array of products there, from wine themed gifts to gourmet foods. To learn more visit them at Now moving on I must tell you, my roasted veggies tasted so good. You get the taste of so many flavors, and the wine incorporated into the salt, just takes the flavor to new levels. When you open the jar, you get the smell of rich, robust, bouquet aromas. The seasoned salt would be great used in many recipes, like in a sauce, on meat, seafood, and so much more. It also gave my veggies a nice beautiful color, and a elegant finish.

For the star of my dinner, I made a baked fish, and used the Green Gate Honey Mustard Dressing as my glaze. The dressing has wildflower honey from Smiley B Farms, in Fla. The farm is family owned, and produces world famous products. To find out more visit them at My fish tasted amazing, it had such a unique flavor to it. The dressing is buttery smooth, and you taste the sweet nectar from the wildflower honey. Your taste buds will love the taste of this homemade crafted dressing. In each bite you can taste the love in the bottle. The dressing is sweet, but not to sweet, the blend is so creamy and smooth, and easy to pour. The flavor it gave my fish dinner was just amazing.

The finishing touch for the night was a vanilla cake made with Green Gate Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, again with products from Gibson Distilling, and George Keel Bourbon. George Keel is a master distiller located in Alabama, for Gibson Distilling. Now the bourbon vanilla infused my cake with a taste that words can not describe. The vanilla is nothing like other vanilla's you may use. The flavor notes do not compare. When you open the bottle the aromatics just flow out. The scent is that of a heavenly butter. You can taste the cake, and know that the Madagascar vanilla brought the highest of flavor to it. To end the evening with a cake like this, was just the best!

You just have to try these product, you will really love them. Please visit Green Gate Olive Grove at their website. They have so much going on, and you will really love every bit of it!

I want to thank Green Gate Olive Grove, for the nice letter.

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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