Tuesday, July 28, 2020

New Wave Soda Review

Today I got a some products from the company New Wave Soda. located in San Marcos, CA. The cans are so cute, they look very retro. And the flavors they sent sound so yummy.

What wave soda is, is a great alternative to the not so natural soda we are used to drinking. Wave soda is between fifteen to twenty five calories per can. There is no sugar, no artificial flavorings, and offers a taste between sparkling soda and juice.

Where the story of Wave Soda starts in from a fruit stand. Nat Noone CEO and Founder started selling fruit and fruit juice, but got a great hook on diet soda. From there the challenge was to have a beverage with uplifting, and sparkling taste. That's where Wave soda comes in. Low in calories and caffeinated.

The formulations are light, and balanced, and the flavors are great tasting. The flavors are in perfect balance, none are to sweet, and none are to weak.

These Wave sodas are a great help for those trying to kick the habit of drinking heavy sodas, but still want something caffeinated, and taste good. All the flavors are unique, and have a nice inviting color to them.

Another great FYI about Wave soda is it contains vitamins, and minerals, and is vegan and gluten free. It’s the perfect beach drink, or grab and go drink. The flavors are all very refreshing, and natural tasting.

Adults and kids, will love this alternative to heavy soda's. Even the grapefruit flavor is not over powering, the taste is subtle, and not strong at all, and my kids loved it.

Wave soda is delicious and not to sweet, and if you like sparkling water, then you will love these sodas.

The box they sent me was the seven flavor variety box, with a nice soda holder and some wrist bracelets. This was a great way to try the flavors, or if you wanted to the box is ready to give as a gift. Inside the flavors of the Wave soda we're, apple, blackberry, blueberry, mango, grapefruit. and cucumber, and also tangerine.

 The fruits that are used to make the Wave soda is all organic. And each flavor offers a vibrant and wonderful taste.

If your working out, these soda's make a great drink during, and hydrates you perfectly. Also for any diet you are on, these Wave soda drinks can come in handy. To quince your thirst, the Wave soda also hits the mark.

For soda junkies, this Wave soda is your healthier version! The Wave soda is juicy and has no artificial taste about it. Beach goers, school kids, moms and dads, will fall in love with this Wave soda.

For more information visit them at Amazon or online.

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