Thursday, July 30, 2020

Hemp hearts/hemp seeds

An interesting ingredient food that is new to me, and wanted to share. Its called hemp hearts. What it is, is a nut, or hemp seed. They are very nutritious and can be used in baking, such as candy and cookies. They have a nice mild nutty flavor, with two essential fatty acids.

Hemp hearts have nothing to do with Cannabis, and does not contain any CBD.

Hemp hearts are very rich and are a great natural appetite suppressant, helping you to feel full longer. Also they help you reduce hunger cravings. Just adding four tablespoons to your breakfast will help to curb excess hunger.

Also hemp hearts live up to their name, containing amino acid arginie, with can help lower blood pressure and help with heart disease. The are rich also in phytonutrients and anti agie antioxidants such as vitamin E.

Hemp hearts also help with claming and relaxing feelings because they have magnesium.

Hemp hearts are eaten raw, but are better if you soak them for 15 mins. before eating. This helps to release the seeds nutritional flavor.

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