Saturday, July 11, 2020

Wilde Seasoned Chicken Chips Review

For me the best part of eating chicken is the crispy skin. And now I get to try for the first time natural chicken turned into a chip. Yup you read that right, into a chip. And that’s just what the company Wilde did.

Wilde took the impossible and made it possible, with their crispy, natural chicken chips. And even made them in different flavors, how great is this. And thanks to them I get to try five of their chicken chips, and let me tell you, not only am I excited, the entire family is.

The chips are made from 100% all natural chicken breast, very thin and crispy, bursting with flavor.

The first bag my son is law is going to taste, cause he's our heat man. He loves hot and spicy food. So he will try the Nashville hot seasoned chicken chips. In the bag of chicken chips, there is 10g of protein, 1g of sugar, no dairy, no potatoes, no nuts, no grains, no plant protein and no gluten. This holds true for all their chicken chips. Now as far as heat, its there. The cayenne flavor of the chicken chips are on point, spicy and just the right amount of heat. At the end of eating the chicken chips, there is a after taste of dill, a little taste bud mystery ending. The chicken chip is super crispy, and crunchy. The taste overall tangy, with heat! These Wilde chicken chips are great for people that have allergies, because they are free from any common allergens. And the best part the chickens are free range, so you are really eating great natural tasting chicken chips. The Wilde chicken chips are sliced thin, but not thin where they, break easy. If you wanted to dip the chip, into your favorite dip, it will hold its own. Not only that, since I got two of each bag of chicken chip flavors, I used the Nashville Hot seasoned Chicken chips, for a coating for air fried chicken. And it was fantastic!

Next up was my youngest daughter who just loves anything that is sea salt and vinegar. So I knew these Wilde chicken chips we're right up her alley. And not only straight from the bag, put with a dip as well. The strength of the chips is very on point, you can dip it and it holds perfectly. Also the sea salt and vinegar combo is not over powering at all. It is not strong and will not curl your nose and tongue up. The taste is a perfect blend of salty and briny, and is a real tasty snack. To better give you a idea of the taste, picture sprinkling your fresh chicken breast, with a little salt and vinegar on it. Well that's just what the chip tastes like, a fresh chicken skin in chip form. It's a heavenly flavored chip.

Now when I cook anything where I have to sprinkle salt on it, I use Himalayan. So it was surprising to find in the box, a bag of Wilde Himalayan pink salt chicken chips, I knew this bag was mine! The texture of the chip was crisped to perfection. And the amount of Himalayan pink salt is spot on. They are not overly salted at all. You will never know these chips are made from chicken breasts, they look and feel like a traditional kettle chip, only 100 percent better. After you are done eating the Himalayan pink salt chips, they leave a very enjoyable tingle on your taste buds, that you don't mind. It's just a reminder of the great snack you just ate!

For the Jalapeno Chicken chips by Wilde, we all had a some. You really taste the fresh Jalapeno flavor in every crispy bite. Just well balanced flavoring on a perfectly sliced chicken chip. The heat from the Jalapeno flavoring is not to much to handle, no burn, no lingering after taste. And the best part, they go very well with a nice cold beer. These chips would also be great crumbled up and used to coat some chicken wings with, but the two bags went to fast for me to do so.

For those of you, like me, that love Southern flavors, this chip will rock your world. It's Wilde Chicken and Waffles chicken chips. It truly is your classic Southern flavor in chicken chip form. They are sweet and buttery at the same time, and truly leave your mouth watering for more. When you eat them, you think your sitting in a little country dinner eating real chicken and waffles for breakfast. The taste of the combo is nothing that is two salty, nor sweet, just plain perfect harmony in a chicken chip. There's no feeling guilty either, knowing that all the chicken chips are made in a healthy way. The Wilde chicken and waffle chips are definitely a unique and tasty chip, that we all enjoyed

If you would like more information on these unique and very tasty chicken chips, visit Wilde online, or go to Amazon.

Don't let your taste buds wait any longer!

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