Thursday, July 9, 2020

Popzup Popcorn Review

After a filling dinner, we are all gathering around the living room for a good movie and some popcorn. And the popcorn comes from a company named Popzup, located in Dover, NH.

The company's creators are Marty and Julie Lapham, wanted more out of popcorn. They wanted to create popcorn that had no chemicals, or unhealthy oils. But most of all they wanted to create packaging that was healthy for our environment. So with that mission in mind, Popzup was created. Popzup is made using only ingredients that come from local trusted sources. And with their backgrounds, they created a popcorn that is healthy and fresh tasting, and best of all the bag can be recycled.

Now the movie is ready, and so are the three bowls for tasting the popcorn sent over from Popzup.

In the blue bowl, is the Popzup Butter Me Up, real sweet cream butter and sea salt flavor. It is whole grain popcorn that Popzup hand made, by popping by hand. All the popcorn like the real sweet cream butter and sea salt, is made with simple natural ingredients, this one has, pure sweet cream butter, turmeric, and sea salt. It's made, just like all the products, in small batches. The bags that the popcorn come in are so adorable, and if you are looking for a gift, the bag is ready to be one. I would just add a bow and place it in a gift basket, or gift bag. Also the bag gives you a wealth of information. On the back it tells you about Popzup, their seasonings, and so much more. It shows you the time and love put into their product. To make the popcorn, it doesn't go into the microwave like traditional popcorn does, it goes in the oven, yup in the oven. At 325 degrees for 7 to 8 minutes, and you have delicious ready to eat popcorn. This was a new method for me, but it works, and its no different then making it the traditional way, well maybe in just one way, it tastes better! This non gmo, gluten free popcorn, whole grain, is so yummy, sweet and buttery. There's no worry of getting any chemicals when making your popcorn. And what's even more interesting, the corn for the Popzup popcorn is grown on a 4th generation farm in PA. The texture of the popcorn has a nice crunch, and the taste from the pure sweet butter is over the top. As far as being salty, don't worry its not, all the ingredients are melded perfectly.

The green bowl had the Popzup Cheddar Head, real cheddar cheese and sea salt flavor in it. This flavor was amazing, in every bite you taste real cheddar cheese, and then the sea salt at the end. It's not over powering at all, the balance of the ingredients are spot on. You don't feel guilty having a bowl of this Popzup popcorn, because in every serving you get protein, fiber, and its whole grain. You really can taste the difference between this popcorn and traditional shelf popcorn. Its so fresh tasting, like you went in the field picked your corn and popped it your self.  

Now in the red bowl, was the Popzup Cheese Herbie, Nacho cheese flavor. The saying on the bag is right, its better for you. The ingredients are fresh and natural, and this flavor taste so amazing. And word to the wise, it can be addicting. It's great giving my family a snack that is healthy, organic, and chemical free. As your eating this flavor, it just seems like you can't get enough, but it was like that with the other flavors as well. It's just that good! The taste of  the popcorn is just so simple and pure. The cheese taste is so perfect. They are all great, if you are watching your carbs, your sodium, and your sugar intake. Popzup popcorn is a fabulous and healthy snack to have on hand.

Guess who else love Popzup Popcorn!

If you want more information about Popzup you can find them online, Etsy, and Amazon.

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