Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Southern City Flavors Cobbler Kits Review day #1

Today starts one of the largest product reviews I have done to date. And the products come from out of Franklin TN. Over the next four days, I will be using the many different products, this wonderful company has sent to me.

Southern City Flavors, is the company. And they started with recipes that come form years past, cooked with and for family and friends. Their values are what food is all about. Sitting at the family table, with your loved ones, enjoying a good meal. And over the course of four days, that’s what my family and I will be sharing. What was cooked with Southern City Flavors products, and how we came together to enjoy the meals.

Day one: All About the Cobblers

With so many cobblers to cook with, I have decided to make them and share them with my loved ones and my friends. So I am gathering them around for a night of comfort food desserts!

The cobblers are so easy to make, and to make it even easier the recipe instructions are on the back of each box. Each box of cobbler comes with the fruit filling and the topping mix. And the way they turn out is like you made everything from scratch your self. These are great mix's, especially peach, you don't have to wait for them to come into season to cook with. And all that you need is in the cobbler kit, butter and milk. It's as easy as that. Very simple instructions, to have a great tasting dessert in forty minutes. To make the whole cobbler, is a prep time of five minutes, try doing that from scratch. And the taste, well, lets just say no one knew it was a kit. Now the instructions say all you need is ice cream, and that may be so, but you can also add nuts, fresh sliced fruits, whip cream, any combo you might think of. Another great feature is, you can serve your finished cobbler warm or cold, both ways are just amazing. Its totally up to you. The finished peach cobbler comes out of the oven perfectly, not gooey or mushy in any way. The topping is also fantastic, looks like it was made from scratch. The seasoning in the peach mixture is spot on to, not salty, not overly spiced in any way. And the way that the cobbler kit comes packaged, makes them a great gift for any occasion. I might also add, how amazing my kitchen smells.

I thought for sure I would need help making all these cobbler kits, but they are so easy to make and assemble, I am fine on my own and loving it. They are so fun!

Next was the cherry cobbler, and the cherry cobbler filling looks so yummy right in the jar, so good you want to just open it and grab a spoon. The cherry cobbler filling looks somewhat like a cherry pie filling, you see the whole cherries right through the jar. The aroma that comes when you open the lid is pure sweetness. The finished cobbler was so pretty, and extra yummy with the scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. It's nice to have cherries to make a cobbler that you don't have to take hours removing the pits. The ingredients are so fresh, and there is no hard tartness to the cobbler. The topping mix comes out so beautifully browned, and much better tasting then some biscuit toppings for cobblers. Any one would love getting one of these kits. The finished cobbler comes together so easily, and taste so fantastic.

Blueberry cobbler was next. That’s another great thing about this kit, its another fruit you don't have to wait to come into season. Now I know I am going to share my cobblers, but trust me when you taste them, its really hard to let go. The blueberries for the filling are wild Maine blueberries, and they taste like they just came off the bush, and into your dessert. All of these cobblers from Southern City Flavors, are a true comfort food. The kit is so much better then using frozen fruits, and the out come is so much better. Your cobbler comes out nice, not runny at all, like it would with those frozen fruits. The taste of the wild Maine blueberry cobbler, is rich and delicious, the ultimate summer comfort dessert for sure. Nice to have on a warm summer night, sitting on the porch with a nice hot cup of coffee. If your looking for a nice end to your dinner for Holidays, or any day, any of these cobbler kits are for you. Each one is packed to the hilt with fresh flavor.

Now I have to say, apple cobbler,I have never made, nor ate, so I was excited for this flavor. Again, the apples look just like they we're picked. And the aroma when you open the jar, reminds you of the fall season, from the cinnamon and other spices. This I could see as the main dessert for Thanksgiving. I know I said I was sharing, but each cobbler I make, is making it, harder and harder. After eating the apple cobbler you just want to take a nap because its such a warm comfort dish. It's important not to mix this cobbler up thinking it’s a crisp. The topping for the cobbler is a smooth batter type dough, and that is what the difference is. And to see the apple cobbler filling, it looks similar to pie filling, but a hundred times better. The apples are nicely sliced and there's plenty of them. A very delicious old fashioned dessert, that makes you go back for more.

Moving on I made the Raspberry cobbler next. This cobbler, like all of them could make you become addicted. The filling is so pretty, you once again just want to dive in with a spoon, and the aroma just fills your nose sending happy waves to your brain. There is no tartness at all to the raspberry cobbler filling, the ingredients we're perfectly blended. The cobbler topping has such a nice buttery flavor to it, and the raspberries taste also like they we're freshly picked. Who doesn't have five minutes to spend in the kitchen. These cobblers are so easy, even after hours at work, you can whip them up. No one will ever know, after tasting them, that you did not spend hours in the kitchen. What you get is a true Southern dessert like Grandma used to make.

The blackberry cobbler kit from Southern City Flavors, was another great tasting cobbler. The blackberries in the filling jar, we're nice and plumb and had no tartness, just sweet delicious flavor. You will feel like Southern royalty serving any of these cobblers at your next gathering. Whether you serve the blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream or not, it is a true, perfect dessert that is perfectly sweet. And Southern City Flavors did not skimp on the amount of blackberries they added to the filling. That is what makes the products so special, is the overload of fresh tasting fruits. The cobbler kits cobblers can also be made as a skillet cobbler as well instead of baking them. This would be a great alternative to cooking them. You will still end up with melt in your mouth greatness.

My last cobbler kit was strawberry, another fruit you don't have to wait for to come in season. Because the strawberries in the cobbler filling taste like they we're just picked, as all the fruit fillings did. The color is such a brilliant red, and the aroma is succulent when baking. You almost can't control your self waiting for them to come out of the oven. When it is finally done, you have a nice thick and sweet, slightly tart cobbler, that is bursting with amazing taste. The strawberry cobbler is so decadent, and would truly be enjoyed on any day. The cobbler kit from Southern City flavors are a fuss free product. And it's a fun baking project to do with the kids. Get them learning to cook early and appreciate good food. I think the strawberry was the sweetest tasting so far, and had a delicious contrast to it.

I have three more days of cooking and tasting the products from Southern City Flavors.

Tomorrow will be a BBQ day, with the sauces sent over.

If you want more information visit Southern City Flavors, and grab your products. Your family and friends will thank you.

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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