Friday, July 10, 2020

Go Raw Honey Review

For my meals today, I have the great opportunity to incorporate honey into them. The honey was sent to me by GoRaw Honey, located in Corpus Christi, TX.

GoRawhoney is a family owned business, that loves not only what they do, but loves helping others as well. With a new generation, the family decided to make natural pure, organic products, like their family's before them. They chose to start a honey business, and build a business, that, at the same time would help support sustainable family scale farming. By their sourcing of small family owned farms, GoRaw honey helps to support fair trade and sustainability.

The honey that GoRaw makes is always verified pure and raw, its unfiltered, unpasteurized, and made in the US. There moto is, if they would not feed it to their own children, why would they feed it to yours!

GoRaw also gives back, I love companies like that. Ten percent of their profits, and sometimes even more, they give to domestic and global humanitarian work, as well as state beekeeping associations, like the, Texas Beekeepers Association. Some of their other help went to clean water missions in foreign countries, and helped to rebuild after the Houston floods, as well as providing education to Syrian refugee children.

So I started my morning off, with a nice hot cup of tea, and nothing in it for flavor except a GoRaw clover honey stick. The honey clover stick was just one flavor in a bundle package of five that was sent over by GoRaw. The nice thing about GoRaw honey is that they never add any sugar to their honey, giving you nothing but a pure raw honey product. I did get a taste on my tongue before adding the clover honey into my tea, and I must say, it's very fresh and natural tasting. And as far as flavoring, it replaced sugar for my tea perfectly. It tastes like it just came off of the honey comb and into the stick. And if this taste that good, I was really excited to cook with the rest of my GoRaw honey.

Lunch was the next meal to use my GoRaw honey. And for that I made a flat bread sandwich, and topped it with some ricotta, squash and GoRaw baby bee honey. This honey as well as all of them, is raw, unpasteurized, and unfiltered, giving you all natural honey. GoRaw again added no sugar to the honey, or no extra water, just pure bee nectar. The Baby Bee raw honey is a first try for me, and I must say its really delicious. It's a excellent honey that brought all the flavor to my lunch sandwich. I added no other seasoning, or spice. The GoRaw baby bee honey is a clover honey that has a unique flavor, and taste. If the honey tasted this good so far, I can only image how it will taste in my other recipes. Paired with ricotta and the other ingredients on my flatbread, the honey brought a flowery, pleasingly mild honey taste to my sandwich. The color of this honey is so beautiful as well, it’s a bright yellow, and just invites you in to taste!

I decided to make myself a personal size dessert for after my lunch, so I used the GoRaw honey and made a blackberry galette, using the blackberry honey sticks. And it was so heavenly tasting. The GoRaw blackberry honey is a clover honey with a dash of blackberry added to it. It surely did give it a very unique flavor, and that same flavor transferred into my galette. The GoRaw blackberry honey brought the natural flavor of all the berries I used to a new height. The taste is mild, and the flavor is not strong at all from adding a dash of blackberry to the honey. The taste was also very delicate, and would be great to add into a BBQ sauce, or even in a marinade for meat or fish. Blackberry honey is also very popular among famous gourmet chefs around the world, and after tasting it I could see why. Any type of honey is a wonderful, healthy option to replace sugar. Whether in drinks or baked foods, its much more healthier, and I believe taste better. And if your wondering does it taste like blackberries, yes it does.

Moving on after a break, I started my dinner. And I made some baked chicken legs, not only with fresh peaches, and my GoRaw peach honey sticks. Talk about a peachy meal, it was. From start to finish it was out of this world delicious. And once again the only seasoning or spice was the GoRaw peach honey. It brought the flavor of peach right down to the chicken bones. The peach honey sticks are a new product for GoRaw, and I'm sure a great seller for them. The taste is amazing, will go so well with so many different types of dish's. These GoRaw honey sticks are easy to squeeze the honey out of, and you can also just snip the tops and eat them right out of the straw. That being said, they would make a great snack for on the go. A better alternative for kids as well, snack wise. Now as far as my dinner, can I just tell you, my house smelt amazing, from all the peach scents going on. The GoRaw peach honey, was so perfect, and paired well with a poultry dish, and the fresh peaches. And the GoRaw peach honey really does taste like a freshly squeezed peach in a thin straw. The GoRaw peach honey also has a nice fruity, floral overtone to it, and when you snip the straw open, the aroma smells like fresh peaches.

For dessert, I made two things, a grilled fruit and a after dinner cocktail.

For the grilled fruit I choose watermelon, because one of the flavor sticks from GoRaw was watermelon. After grilling the watermelon very quickly, I sniped open the GoRaw watermelon stick and just squeezed it all over my slices. Let me tell you, using it on the fruit it gets its flavoring from, was just a pure delight. Watermelon in itself is a refreshing taste, and adding the GoRaw watermelon honey took the taste to a new level. Even though watermelon can be sweet, the GoRaw watermelon honey stick was mild, and mildly fruity. And you really get a watermelon flavored honey. This was another first for me, as far as a flavored honey, GoRaw really has some nice combo's going on. This flavor honey would also make a great sugar replacement for ice tea, which I will do with my left over sticks.

Now to end the evening, we light a nice fire in the fire pit and I made spice cocktail using the GoRaw lemon honey stick. Taking some spice rum, and the lemon honey sticks I made a refreshing cocktail. To get this flavor GoRaw, infuses their clover honey, with a lemon essential oil. You get a nice refreshing tangy flavor, that went well with some spiced rum, but would go great with many dish's. I can see this on chicken as a glaze, or on a toasted bagel with butter. The GoRaw lemon honey would also be a great addition to some Southern made ice tea. It's a citrus flavored honey that you will fall in love with.

If you would like to try GoRaw honey check them out!

Disclaimer: Momzdailyscoops has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzdailyscoops has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzdailyscoops did receive a free product to try out so Momzdailyscoops could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzdailyscoops thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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