Saturday, July 11, 2020

Brewer's Crackers Review

Every food company has a story. How they started, the passion they had since they were young. The partnerships that they have, making wonderful products. And today's products have their own story as well.

Kyle Fiasconaro, owner and Chef for Brewer's Crackers, also had a passion and love for food since he was a young man. His company Brewer's Crackers is located in Somerville Massachusetts. And his story started way back when his dad owned a bagel store. So his whole life he grew up around food, and knew the industry well. Following his passion he became a cook and a forager, working in some of the best farm to table restaurants, and dedicating his self to local foods. After several long years, and many recipe creations, his flavor and his love for food, is brought to us now, in the form of full nutritional tasting products.

What Brewer's Crackers is, is all about great flatbread crackers made with great grains.

The first box flatbread crackers I get to taste are Brewer's sea salt. The flatbread crackers are made with  healthy whole grains, and the nice amount of sea salt. And what I did with them is make some snacks for sitting and watching a movie to relax by. The flatbread crackers are full of the grains, and you can see that in each long strip. What I did was a nice wild fennel dip to serve my sea salt crackers with. What turned out was a very flavorful healthy snack. The flatbread crackers are great to eat by themselves, or use them with soup, or create some yummy appetizers. The creativity that was put into these flatbread crackers is fantastic. They are a nice firm cracker, that holds it own. It doesn't break as soon as you touch it. They have a nice amount of sea salt, nothing over bearing. And the all in all flavor is very elegant. They are great for entertaining, or just to have to your self.

If you love everything bagels, or everything breads, you are going to flip for these everything flatbread crackers from Brewer's Crackers. The inspiration came from his fathers, Long Island bagel shop. And when they say everything, they have just that. Rosemary, thyme and garlic and basil to exotic black mustard seed and sesame. You name it! Now the typical thing to do would be some cream cheese, but I made another nice appetizer with mine. I made a nice tasty appetizer, with a square of the everything flatbread cracker, some almond butter, and a slice of banana, and on top of that some cacao nibs. Amazing flavors from the flatbread cracker to the nibs. All the ingredients landed the appetizer all the seasonings it needed for flavor.

These are very elegant natural made flatbreadcrackers, great for any time of the day, or for Holiday dinners.

If you want to have the same great culinary experience, as I, please visit them on Amazon or online.

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