Tuesday, July 28, 2020

love your healthy soy nut Review

Soy beans are known to be one of the best food source's on our planet. They have a propounding benefit as far as our health. And when you dry roast them you have a super food, plant based snack.

And today from love your health brand, I received several bags of their popular products.

Nature's select brand, dry roasted soy nuts have been named number one by the Quality Institute and recognized for their excellence and taste.

Soy nuts are so healthy for us, they help formation of blood vessels, that feed cancer, they help our hormone's, and are great for those with heart problems and diabetes, and so much more.

The company since 1989 developed a way to dry roast soy nuts with a technique that converted them into a high protein, crunchy, nutty, great tasting snacks. Nature's select is the only genuine dry roasted soy nut manufacturer, here in North America.

So when I got the box, right away I started thinking, what can I make with these soy nuts? I don't just want to taste them out the bag and stop there, I want to explore and use them in a meal.

And that’s just what I did. First up was a nice salad with the honey toasted soy nuts as a garnish. Now I know this is common, but for my persimmon salad I wanted to see how the nuts stood up to having dressing on them. Well, they did with no problem, not one soggy soy nut. This super food that is known world wide, landed on my door step just in time for dinner, and so far so good. In every bite you will be stunned to know the nutrition in these pea size nuts. You are putting in your body, rich protein, natural ingredients, no gmo, and so many more benefits. The glaze on the honey toasted soy nuts is so good, giving the soy nut a delicious honey flavor. The Nature select honey toasted soy nuts, are crunchy and have a irresistible taste. These make a great topping for salad, but also make a great grab n go snack. In fact the company set the same flavor over in a snack size bag. You can eat them right from the resizable bag, or get creative and explore using them on some of your favorite foods. All the soy nuts from love your health, are great for helping you to start adopting to eating cleaner and healthier. Even the honey used for the glaze is natural, the company really takes their process serious. The Nature select honey toasted soy nuts are a great alternative for you when you are craving sweets.

For my dinner I decided to use two of the Natures select soy nuts. The honey toasted and the lightly sea salt flavor. And what I did was create a crust for some baked salmon. It turned out fabulous. The soy nuts even baking in the oven on the fish remained crunchy. And the two combined brought out a nice fresh flavor, to die for. Now I have already tasted the honey toasted, and the taste for a crust was still the same. But the added flavor came from Nature select lightly sea salt as well. The salt level is just right, it's in perfect balance. These soy nuts are a great way to turn all your snacking into a healthy enjoyable snacks. Not only a great snack, but a filling one as well.

Moving on I wanted to try them in another form as a snack. So I took some Frito lay chips, added caramel, and the lightly seasalted soy nuts all by them selves. Can I tell you there is nothing better then sea salt and caramel. Everyone enjoyed them so much. These Nature select soynuts really can hold their own, no matter how you use them. In every bit you got a lightly sea salted soy nut, and it made my snack the best chip snack I have had in a long time. If you are someone who loves a little salt in your snack, these are a great alternative. The salt level coating on the soy nuts are just as they say, lightly. Which makes it a great snack for those not only watching their health, but for those watching their waist line. And the best part, all of these soy nut snacks are great for kids. They have such a great flavor, and would be great to incorporate into a recipe replacing table salt.

For the young ones in the family I used Nature select soyfulmix, and added to popcorn. The mix has so many great ingredients, I needed nothing else but the popcorn. The bag had not only the whole soy nuts, but bits of dark chocolate, and honey toasted and sea salt soy nuts, mixed in with pumpkin seeds, and sweet plump cranberries. So great to add to a recipe, like yogurt, cereal, and like I did, popcorn. You get in each bite, sweet and savory flavors. And you can't beat all the ingredients inside the bag, its like a healthier version of a store brand trail mix. You get the tasty crunchy soy nuts as well as the seeds, and the fresh nice chew of the fruit.

For the bag of soy snack mix, my daughter grabbed it to eat on her way out. The love your health snack is called Up Your Game. It's a protein packed snack, filled with a great energy blend of almonds, soynuts that are sea salted, honey toasted soy nuts, dark chocolate and coconut chips and cranberries. A delicious healthy snack, to have just like she used it for, snack and go. You don't feel bad eating this on the go fuel food, know all the natural healthy benefits to it. A amazing snack!

These snack are fantastic, for young and old alike, and if you want more information go to love your health snacks, or Amazon.

Grab some today for your loved ones!

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