Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Western Pure Bison Dog Treat Review

From Slate Hill, NY, my Doberman Toretto got some doggy treats today. He's always happy when there are a few box's for him to try.

Western Pure bison treats are doggy treats with limited ingredients, that are all sourced from North America. If your dog has GI problems, these dog treats are formulated just for that purpose. The treats are holistic and safe for all dogs of all sizes, and breeds. They come dehydrated, and they need no refrigeration. The bag is re-sealable, and even comes with a sealed bag inside that.

Western Pure Provisions, are premium bison treats, that are guaranteed to not only be safe, but delicious treats your dog will love.

Every treat is made with no fillers or artificial ingredients. They are hormone and antibiotic free, just Western Pure. Western Pure knows their business, of their doggy treats, after all they have thirty years experience, and are highly qualified. The ingredients are farm fresh, and you can get peace of mind what you are treating your dog to is high quality.

Bison dog treats have fewer allergies, not like beef or chicken contain. Bison also has less fatty acids, and is much leaner then venison or ostrich used in some treats. Bison is also high in protein, and low in fat. Each Western Pure dog treat is made in small batches, ensuring quality and freshness.

The sweet potato, bison, and pumpkin dog treats, are from Bison that is pasture raised. Then the treats are slow baked and packaged, all in the US. The ingredients are very limited, so they are wonderful treats for dogs with sensitive bellies.

What Western Pure Bison treats off for your dog, is treats with healthy ingredients, to make your fur baby, a happy fur baby. They even look like small cookies, and you dog is really going to enjoy them, my Toretto did.

Bison dog treats are also a great in giving your dog COQ10 and Omega 3. Western Pure dog treats, are a great alternative to other store brands, that can harm your dog.

In making the Western Pure dog treats, the only other ingredients are kosher peanut butter and chickpea flour. You can rest assured you dogs treats are going to be healthy.

For more information, visit Western Pure online at

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