Sunday, July 26, 2020

Biena Chick Pea Snacks

I received some great products today, and will incorportate them throughout my meals today, and for snacking. The products are from a company called Biena, founded by Poorvi Patodia.

These snacks are not your typical chickpeas, they are roasted and puffed into delicious snacks, and are a healthy option to other snacks. What Poorvi created for her own family, is what my family will be enjoying tonight.

Poorvi Patodia, from early childhood knew what she wanted and she went out and did it. Creating a snack out of chickpeas. They are light, crispy snacks that have protein, fiber and a ton of nutrients. These Biena snacks are now recognized the world over. And it's great that I have the privilege to taste them.

I am so ready to try these Biena snacks a try, not only as a snack, but to again go out the box and create some yummy dish's.

For breakfast I made some scrambled eggs and crushed some of the blazin hot puffs in for not only a coating but some heat. Who knew you could puff a chickpea!. These blazin hot puffs, we amazing, with their sweet and heat flavor. The color is so bold, a nice blazin red. The color is from beets, black currants and tomato's, there is no artificial coloring in any of Biena products. The bite was so light and crispy, and the kick was perfectly balanced with the sweet. They are a great option for kids and adults. All Biena snacks are plant based, and free from grain, rice and corn. The Biena blazinhot puffs are a great snack to add to your lunch bag, or pack for a grab and go snack when your on the run. As far as a added ingredient to eggs, everyone loved it!

As a snack before lunch, I tried the vegan ranch chickpea puffs. They gave you a nice cool feeling in every bite. There's a taste of garlic and onion as well. If you like any snack that is ranch flavored, you will love these. The Biena snacks are great for everyone, especially those on restricted diets, because they are not high in carbs, and have a nice proportioned amount of protein. And they make a wonderful vegan snack. Any one who eats cheese puffs will absolutely love these chickpea puffs, they have the same bite only much more healthier. Biena chickpea puffs are a great clean snack to have in your cabinet. Eat them out of the bag, or get creative and use them in a recipe.

Lunch time was so yummy, with a Biena aged white cheddar puff veggie burger. So easy to make just crushing the puffs and coating veggie burgers with the mix. You get a really yummy cheese tasting veggie burger without adding any cheese other then the puffs. This was because the puffs themselves are made with real cheddar cheese. The age white cheddar puffs are so full of flavor, and that flavor carried into the veggie burger with no problem. You even got a little crunch still from the coating. This was easy because after coating them, I air fried the burgers. Even on the side I had some of the aged white cheddar puffs right out the bag. You have to be careful, these could be addictive.

Between lunch and dinner the family had some of the Biena roasted chickpeas, habanero flavored. They are a nice spicy chickpea snack roasted, with the flavor of not only habanero, but with a slight taste of lemon. A nice snack if you like heat! They are not overly hot, and very tolerable as far as the spice. We all loved the texture, the chickpeas we're definitely roasted to a perfect crispness. These roasted chickpeas from Biena also have very low fat, and a good protein amount. Packing them for a on the go snack is a great option. Eat them out the bag, or crush them for a nice coating on your favorite chicken recipe or serve as a topping for a nice taco salad. What ever you choice these chickpeas are delicious.

Starting with dinner, for the Biena BBQ roasted chickpeas, I blended them up then added them into some plain hummus for a dip, with some colorful chips. The blend of the BBQ chickpeas gave my hummus a stunning color and flavor. In ever bite you taste the BBQ spice of the chickpeas. The flavor is a nice perfect balance of, sweet, tangy, smoky with a little spicy kick. It definitely added a nice zip in my hummus. The two together really worked well. The BBQ roasted chickpeas are not only great eating them out the bag, but really work crushed or blended into another recipe.

My family loves a good salad, and with Biena roasted rocking ranch chickpeas, they we're very happy. The rocking ranch chickpeas really added the perfect crunch to the salad. These chickpeas are a great replacement for croutons. I love the name of this flavor, because that is what the flavor delivers, a nice rocking ranch taste. PopSugar stated that these are the new best selling supermarket flavor, and they are right. They really are a star, not only out the bag as a snack, but complimenting a salad. All the roasted chickpeas are grain and gluten free, and also free from the top eight allergens. They are very light, but yet have a nice crunch to them. Every bag of these roasted chickpeas are a nice clean and very simple snack. If you like a zesty flavor this is the chickpea that delivers. The best part all the roasted chickpeas from Biena are a healthy alternative.

As always there are veggies on my dinner plate, and tonight was no different. I made some roasted veggies, and took fresh veggies and melded them together, with the Biena sea salt chickpeas. It was a nice different take on a side vegetable dish. You would be surprised even though these we're a sea salt flavor they we're not overly salty. They still have a nice airy crunch, and are dusted with the sea salt. These to make a great alternative healthy snack for adults and for children. The salt content would be nothing to worry about. They are great out of the bag, but adding them to recipes is so much fun. They hold their crunch no matter what you add them to.

The main attraction was dinner. I made chicken strips using Biena roasted honey chickpeas as the coating. After rolling them in a wet mixture, I coated them in crushed honey chickpeas and crushed almonds. It was a match made in heaven. I made them in my air fryer and this gave me a nice crunchy crust when they we're done. The flavor you get in every bite is sweet and salty, with a honey flavor taste as well. All the ingredients are perfectly blended. In 2016 prevention magazine gave this flavor the cleanest packaged food award. I can see why after eating them. The taste of the Biena roasted honey chickpeas are not overbearing at all with salt. They are a great size for snacking and cooking with.

Want a nice healthy snack alternative for your family, check Biena chickpea snacks out online or on Amazon.

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