Tuesday, July 21, 2020

West's Side Jerky

After dinner tonight, the entire family got to have some beef jerky to snack on, with a good movie.

The beef jerky comes from West's Side Jerk, based in Southbury Ct. The company was started by a young man named Westwood, at the age of 14. That is so fantastic, and if not for customers and all the venues, the company would not be as great as it is today!

So we all gathered around, starting the movie and the tasting of West's Side Jerky.

First up was the Hot and Spicy. This flavor is the one that started it all for West's Side Jerky. The base for the beef jerky is rosemary and ginger. Then you get the nice taste of garlic, before the kick comes. This was the first beef jerky Westwood made, and he did so for Holiday gifts for not only his family, but his friends. The texture of the beef jerky is very nice. It is not hard, and has a nice chew to it. All the jerky is made in small batches, which gives you the best tasting products. The beef to make the jerky is flank steak, which we all know is expensive, but the cut of beef is the best as far as steak. The West's Side Beef Jerky is very low in sugar and sodium, so it’s a healthy version of beef jerky, that everyone can enjoy. Another great feature is the fat content, it is only one gram, so those watching their waistline this is a great snack alternative. The spicy part of the jerky is great, balanced with the spice it is very yummy.

Next we snacked on the hickory beef jerky from West'sSide Jerky. This made in the U.S.A product has such great nutritional values. And its also gluten free. Made again using flank steak, the texture and chew are nice. You don't have to rip it apart with your teeth. This flavor is a nice hickory smoke taste, bold and savory, and you can taste the nice flavor of the premium cut of steak its used with. The flank steak really makes a very unique jerky, full of flavor. The hickory beef jerky from West's Side Jerky is extraordinary in every way.

The last flavor we tasted for the night was West'sSide Beef jerky, the teriyaki flavor. Made with the same nutritional ingredients, and still with the flank steak as the beef cut. The salt content is great, not over salty at all. The teriyaki flavor is very succulent, and the chew is fantastic. I like that you don't have to pull on the jerky with your teeth to eat it. In every bite of all the products you can taste the love put into making the beef jerky.

Westwood, on the behalf of West's Side Jerky also gives back to the American Cancer Society, with donations. What a great way to give back. This is truly a very impressive young man, who is going places.

Looking to try some of this beef jerky, head over to the website.

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