Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Van De Loo's Original Review

The most amazing cookies we're sent to me today, from the Netherlands, the company, Van De Loo's original. They sent me a box that contains a five pack of their real Speculaas cookie. Van de Loo 'sOriginal Speculaas is a genuine, hand-baked, Dutch speculaas. Their specialty bakeries always use organic ingredients and natural butter.

The Van De Loo's original Speculaas are real, hand baked from Holland. There, their artisan bakeries use authentic speculaas spices and true real butter. In Holland these cookies are a specialty, that began in the 17th century, during the Dutch Golden age. One of the secret recipes that survied during the ages.

As soon as you tear open a packet of the Speculaas there is the aroma of the ingredients. Which are nutmeg, pepper, coriander, mace, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and clove, the core of the Van De Loo's Original Speculaas.

The crisp bite is amazing, and the taste even better. Each square cookie has five sliced almonds on the top. And when you bite into it, it's the most dreamy cookie, you will ever taste. Pair it with a nice hot cup of coffee, and it's like dessert comfort food.

The spice blend of the Van De Loo's original speculaas, is so spot on, and in perfect balance. Just opening one packet my whole kitchen smelled like fall. In every bite you get a tasting of the spices, and after you finish chewing them, they leave a nice warmth on your tongue. If I had to give you a better understanding of the taste, you could compare it to a gingerbread cookie, only with a more in depth taste.

Now I had mine with a nice cup of coffee, my daughter had her cookie with a glass of milk, and yes she dunked it. The cookie held its own, and did not crumble, but soaked up the milk and she said it was delicious.

These speculaas Van De Loo's original are a premium cookie, that helps you taste the rich Dutch artisan bakery delights. You can see by looking at the cookies that they we're finely crafted. They are a thick and large size cookie, so one is plenty, but two does fill you up. The Van De Loo's original speculaas are a really nice treat, and would be great to serve on a silver tray for a special occasion, they are that elegant.

 If your looking for a true Speculaas cookie look at Van De Loo's original, you won't be disappointed.

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